ancient empires

...sketches made in 2006 or 2007. These were made for the class called "fashion history" and these were the first costumes we studied. Ancient Egypt was and still is my favorite of them all. I made these sketches with a bit more attention to details and colors, prints and fabrics. I used watercolours, coloured pencils, pastel chalks and markers on coloured paper. On the sides I made some rough sketches for the back pieces of the outfits and some accessories. I find inspiration in all their culture so it was not hard to come up with outfits, but the main inspiration came from their jewelry and hieroglyphs.

Next came Mesopotamia and Babylon. Their shapes are more rough and geometrical. I used their sculptures and ceramics for references. The colour palettes also are inspired by their own. I combined the stiffness of their art with some flowy, sheer fabrics to balance the outfits. For medium I used only watercolours and markers. These were done a bit faster, kind of in the unfinished manner, in my opinion.

At the end was the Ancient Greek culture. I loved this one because of all the folds and drapery. Simple designs became elegant with the addition of some straps, embroidery with geometrical patterns or over sized brooches. Here I played a bit with the colours of the elements.

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