27 December 2010

features and exhibitions

First of all, Happy Holidays everyone! I hope these times bring you happiness, warmth, health and good old relaxation. This December I received numerous gifts, some touchable and some virtual. Among those virtual, there were a couple of features one came from Bogdana and her blog Jurnal din burtica. She ordered some of my handmade creations and I guess she liked them a lot because she wrote so many wonderful things about them.

The other one came from Bea and her blog Beango, she featured some of the entries from the Inspired contest and mine was there so I'm grateful to be among her favorites. You can check out her post to see more of the entries and her blog in general for all the interesting things she writes about.

In another order of ideas, this month my little blog had it's second year anniversary so thank you all for still visiting and reading. Thank you!
I decided to post some pictures from the exhibitions where I had some works featured, mostly from this year.

the Papercut project at the Mansarda Gallery in Timişoara

the Elemental collection (pieces and bits) at the Mansarda Gallery in Timişoara (part of the 20 years anniversary of Fine Arts and Design Faculty event)

textiles exhibited at Timişoara, Lugoj and Deva.

I also upgraded my blogs a bit, in case you haven't noticed by now, new colours and buttons, a category menu on top to make searches more easier, more organised labels and menus. Hope you like them.
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20 December 2010

the wonderful grove...

...or "Dumbrava minunata" in Romanian. This would be the title of my latest illustrated collection. I participated again this year at the Inspired contest here in my country and I got the same place as last year. The challenge was to create a collection inspired by childhood and the first thing that came into my mind was film slides (ro. diafilme); I remember the days, when we were kids, we watched them all the time because we didn't have too many tv programmes, since it was just a bit over the communist era. I was so little I couldn't even read the subtitles and my sister had to read them to me. You get some ideas of what I'm talking about here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (Turtita or The Caky was my favourite).
And so, each outfit was inspired by a film slide and has an animal hat inspired by a character from that certain tale. The clothes are over-sized, following A-lines and V-shapes, nothing too fitted, nothing too complicated, comfortable, soft fabrics, elastic and easy closing systems, exactly how I think children's clothes should be.

Hope you like it.

17 December 2010

back to the blues

Oh, winter definitely came, along with it's must-have nostalgia that we enjoy so much... it's such a creative fuel. Since the holidays are kicking in, I though I could take some time off to "relax" and catch up with my virtual world. I'm planning to do so many in the next few weeks for myself, stuff like reading, drawing, maybe some handmade accessories, I'm pretty sure none of them will be accomplished. But at least blogging can be cut from the list immediately.

Anyway, I can't believe I forgot to post photos from the latest shooting I've been in, I hope on some level it's understandable why, since my memory suffered when I finished college. So we took these pictures this autumn, it was more an experimental shooting for my sister's new camera, which in the end turned out to be pretty great. I'm really hoping more would come, but I'm not holding my breath.
On the other hand I can say that new fashion illustrations are on the way, new handmade crafts, a twisted turn on the papercut project and a new collection in 2011. So stay tuned.

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