skeletOn-skeletOff runway

In the end, the show we held in our faculty's gallery turned out OK, it was more of a family gathering but a good thing came out of it. I also had the chance to present the collection later that night at the venue the BA students were presenting their collections. It was so last minute and I didn't get the chance to give a notice, but to those whom were there: I hope you enjoyed it. Right, so here are some photos from the both shows.

If you want to get a feeling of how the show was, play this song:
 The Vitamin String Quartet - Enter Sandman.

Show from Mansarda Gallery from the Fine Arts and Design Faculty

Show from the Le Cinema club

Photos by Ina Muntean

I know this may be like an Oscar acceptance speech, but I feel it's necessary and the right thing to do. So throughout the process of making and presenting this collection, I stressed a bunch of people so it's only fair to thank them (at the very least) for helping, supporting and bearing me. Therefore, thank you sis, mom, dad, Andi, Elke, Ica & Mi┼ču, Jeni, Nico, Ina & Adi, Mari, Roxi, Alin, Senta, Elena, Moni, Bia, Andreea, Annabell, Tunde & all the girls from the second fashion show, Sandra & Alin, all friends, colleagues, professors, the umanists, virtual friends, followers and readers!
Thank you!

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