27 October 2011

a crafty update

Now I know that lately I've been focused a little bit more on my hand-made side and now so much on the fashion one, but I assure you, I'm not giving up on that just yet. I have some new ideas I just have to find the time... and determination.

So you probably saw all of these on my little shop or my Breslo shop, but for those of you who didn't here are some pictures of my latest crafty creations.

my new mini collection of pins - the magic forest
you can also find them on Breslo

Godzilla Shoes - more pictures

and some sketches that they were based on

19 October 2011

skeletOn.skeletOff video

Here's a video of my MA collection, SkeletOn SkeletOff. This was also a school project, but we're working on a second video, a more cinematic one, that I hope I'll get to post soon. Big thanks to the great team of people that helped me with this project:

Video by: Ina Muntean
Editing by: Alin Cîrstea
Model: Elena Nico Muntean
Collection, hair and mua by: myself

You can watch the video on Youtube

or Vimeo

05 October 2011

breslog feature & interview

Lately I've focused my attention mainly on my little shop and on my handmade accessories and toys, that I've forgotten how to draw or how it feels like. I especially miss drawing fashion illustration. I've set so many goals for myself at the beginning of this summer and I think I've only accomplished half... or not even nearly as much. At least I read a good amount of books, an activity I kind of forgot in the last couple of years.

Anyway, recently I got a feature on Breslo, an interview with Cinnamoncloves. I was so glad for the warm welcome in their community and I hope I will feel right at home there, I do already. So thank you very much!

Click on the image to read the article.

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