27 January 2012

fossil under the skin

Not too long ago a very good friend of mine, sent me this picture of her new tattoo, in progress at that time. To my surprise it was inspired by an old painting of mine. I can't imagine a more honourable way to appreciate some one's art. So, it really made my day, I'm glad she liked the painting enough to put it under her skin and I really hope it made her happy. It definitely made me.

Art holder: Alice
Design: me
Tattoo Artist: Spunk Tattoo

11 January 2012

reis - details

I thought I could post some cropped pictures from my latest fashion illustrations, just some details I liked or thought to be interesting. I hope you find them to be so as well. ♥

Reis fashion illustrations - coloured pencil &marker on paper | 21x29,7 cm

03 January 2012


First and foremost, Happy New Year everyone! This is my first post for 2012 and I thought I should celebrate it in a fashionable manner.

Therefore this is an illustrated collection I made for a local competition. The concept revolved around the idea of travelling, mixing cultures and styles. So I got my inspiration from the African culture, just because of their geometric patterns, fibres and textures and maneuvering those materials, which all resemble to traditional customs used in my country. It's a slow-fashion concept, I've put a lot of my attention to the shape of the clothes (reminding of African sculptures), the fabrics and their manipulation, the dyeing of the fabrics and so on. The name is actually the word "travel" in Afrikaans, it sounds so mystical and magical in my opinion.

In a way, I'm happy of how it turned out, I'm glad I finally got myself drawing again, and I hope it was not just an isolated event (although I haven't drawn since). Please someone give me a kick in the back. But until then, you can tell me what you think about the drawings.

Reis fashion illustrations - pencil & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

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