28 June 2012


 [Mature Content]

...off indeed. I feel this photoshoot captured the main idea of my SkeletOn SkeletOff collection. Strip things down to the bones to see how and what they are made of. And even though she is wearing my clothes, it almost looks like a part of her, creating a different life form. I was hoping to see the clothes from this point of view one day and I'm really glad it happened and turned out so great.

I enjoyed working with the girls, I felt the whole shooting was very conceptual and edgy yet fashionable. The entire time I had an image in the back of my mind of something very creepy, fashionable with a touch of fetish in some sort of a deserted sanatorium. Hope to create something from that, one day.

 Photographer: Iringó Demeter
Model: Senta
Clothing: moi

You can find more info and pictures on Iringo's

20 June 2012


Satis was my favourite garden of them all, every time I see one that resembles it I dream of it more and more. I hope I'll have one just like it one day, to drown my thoughts in it. I think I'm a bit mysterious, I'll explain it more in another post... but I'm hoping maybe, you already know what I'm talking about.

Lately it's been more about relaxing and chilling and less about work for me. I'm trying to escape silly problems that just don't, or shouldn't, mean that much. But I'll get back to creating, I hope I'll get to draw, paint and sew more but the sun keeps calling me outside. Anyway, here's a calm beautiful summer day in on of my favourite gardens.

05 June 2012

honey bunny

Recently I've been caught up in an organising spree... I'm organising my house, my computer and  now my blogs and all my web spaces. So be prepared for a lot of updates, I'll tweet those to you later on. 

And doing this, of course, I discovered how many things were missing or incomplete. Like these photos I took with my sis for my little bunny, Easter special, accessories.

Some of these little monsters gave me new ideas for some small series, so I hope I'll get to show you  more soon. It was Easter mister but now it's time for a hot, sunny summer... so clothes off and shades on.

 You can find them all and more in my Shop or order them from my Breslo Shop, just click on the products to see more details and photos. 
Hope you like them.

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