18 October 2012

open sunday - third edition

It happened when September ended, but I only managed to get most of the pictures just a few days ago. This time I had a little workshop where I helped kids customise their skateboards. And that concept escalated quickly; soon enough I was drawing on shoes, phones, stickers, bikes and pretty much every surface they could find. But we had an excellent time and in the end it was just another Sunday afternoon well spent. 

So many thanks to Uman for the opportunity and for the event, Anonim Tm for the good tunes and the people for the awesome time! 

I only have pictures with two finished boars, I wish I had with all of them, because each and everyone was different. But you can find more pictures from the event on Uman's Facebook page.

Photos by Ina Muntean for Uman Shop and Alexis Baboo for Datz Magazine.

15 October 2012

diamonds are forever

In this fascination of mine with rocks and crystals I thought I should explore more ideas and shapes. And, of course, it came to the wide-known shape of a diamond, because let's face it, they are a girl's best friend. I admit, nature does a better job than me but I thought I could make a more coloured, simplistic, felted version.

You can find them all in my shop and in my Breslo shop

 Photographer: Ina Muntean

I'm also thinking of making some multi-coloured versions too, but until then, many more projects are waiting in line. Hope you like them.


10 October 2012

breslog & atelierul features

This fall showered with features for which I am very grateful.
I got featured with the monster in the cosy sweater pin in an article from Atelierul magazine.

And a big bunch of features on Breslog with some of my felted creations.


04 October 2012


I thought I could stay a bit on the crafty side of things, since it takes pretty much all my time these days. So I thought I could show you, those of you who didn't already get some of my colourful felted monsters and creations, the packaging they come into. I've changed the design many times, I'm still changing it, because I think diversity is fun and creative, just as long as it's based on the same idea and not running into a million directions. 

I like to make each one as personal as I can, and because they are all hand-painted, none of them are truly alike. 

I got feedback on the packaging style and design, with almost every order, but I'm really open to suggestions and would love to hear your opinion.  

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