31 January 2013

watercolour bird

Most of the times, tattoos are inspired and made after artwork but in this case, the painting came afterwards. My sister got this birdy tattoo a while ago and ever since she found the perfect frame for it she begged me for a painting of it. And so, many, many months and nagging later, I finally got to it, and as it turned out, it took me less than I expected. 

Here are some pictures with the painting in progress, meet Chippy:

I used watercolours because I like the way the colours blend and how the water and paper give the colour-marks such a nice texture. Then, of course, came the details (in crayons, pencils and markers) which took the longest, but what's a painting for me without any details?

18 January 2013

feature friday - breslo

This week's features comes from Breslo, where I have a little colourful shop and a column in their blog; if you didn't know this yet, I write articles about fashion and create some moodboards with products from the website.

Anyway, I was featured in some of their shopping galleries, so here they are:

 featured above with my winter monster with a sweater pin

 featured above with my monster with gloves pin

and featured above with my crystal rock pendant

Thank you so much!

09 January 2013

crafty update - little minty monster

He's minty, he's fluffy, he's cold but happy. This winter he was my favourite little creature, I've had him by my side, guarding my coat's lapel at all time. Don't you think he's cute? You can adopt him from:

I'm also working on some new, more fashionable pieces. I'll keep it a secret but I'll tell you this, it's an extension of ideas based on my obsession with rocks, diamonds and math.

04 January 2013

atelierul magazine feature

First and foremost, Happy New Year everybody! Even though this year has, what some may consider, an unlucky number in it's combination, I have a feeling it will be a great one. So to start it off on a positive note, I'll post this week's Feature Friday (I'm reorganising my posts... yes, again). 

This one comes from Atelierul magazine who were kind enough to feature me in their Christmas issue with my wrapping ideas.

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