19 August 2013

wavy hair

This summer, the projects I received were mostly about drawing and painting, so that only made me happier since I was always complaining I wasn't doing those things as much anymore. And this one was a commission for customising a door pannel with monsters and as many colours as possible. The theme was revolving around water and "him & her" characters. 

I love details and decorative lines, so I chose to unite the two through their hair making it look like some abstract water waves. I used acrylic paint and markers for details.

Custom wallart - acryilic & paint marker on door pannel | 100x40 cm

| theme: monsters, him & her, hair, water
| colour scheme: very colourful

16 August 2013

feature friday - breslo

This week's feature comes from Breslo, the place where I keep all my felty critters and creations. I've spotted some of them in the daily galleries and here are the screen shots:

 Featured with the Poppy Pillows and the Poppy Flowers Pin.

  Featured with the Geometric Blue Earrings.

  Featured with the Rain Cloud Necklace.

 Featured with the Monster Toy.

I also write articles for their blog, creating outfits with handmade products that you can find on the site. You can find them all HERE.

09 August 2013


I've finally managed to get some detailed shots from one of my latest projects in collaboration with Uman Shop. For this one I've had to customise two mannequins, a "mister" and a "misses", and make them look a bit out of the norm and bring them up with the spirit of the shop. 

The idea was to keep it simple and clean, very graphic lines and decorative. In some parts, the lines kind of follow anatomical, muscle lines, but in a bit more abstract way. I've used more rough, edgy lines for the man and softer ones for the lady. I've thought of filling them up completely but in the end we decided to leave them with this "unfinished" look, just to be a bit more "aired".

They fill up the window just fine, you can check them every time when you pass by Uman Timisoara.


01 August 2013

ten years - epilogue

As I promised in the previous post, I'm back with photos from Uman's 10th anniversary party. I know this post is long overdue, but it's a memory nonetheless, one I'll always be glad to share. I'm happy we came along this far, some of us left, some are still here, some are newcomers, but the family stays strong and I'm just honoured to be a part of it. It truly was GOLDEN!

I can't create the entire mood in just the few pictures I'm posting here but you'll find them all in the links below.

And unfortunately, for one of us, the time was shortened, but your memory and presence will never be forgotten. RIDE IN PEACE our friend!

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