31 October 2013

the family portrait

I think this is a very unique way to do a family portrait apart from all those classic pictures and paintings. A friend of mine commissioned them and gave me little hints on each family member so we can create the perfect characters.

I used watercolours, which seem tot do well on this wood surface, so that was a surprise. And for details I mixed pastel-chalk, paint markers, fine-line markers and coloured pencils.

28 October 2013

wonderland in a teacup

Today, I'll take you down the rabbit-hole. These illustrations are part of a new project, in which I had to make the menu illustrations for a tea/ coffee shop - Librarium | Cafe du Livre - that's part of a bookstore called Cartea de Nisip (The Sand Book).

The concept of the illustrations had some core elements that I kept in the design, like books and teacups that give the entire feeling and atmosphere of the place itself. And the personal touch came with the little characters, inspired by the great story of Alice in Wonderland. I love how they turned out, I like their simplicity and the fact that they are all handmade, therefore each one being unique.
If you're ever around, go check them out alongside a cup of tea and wonders.

25 October 2013

outfits-aboutfits feature

This week's Feature Friday comes from Outfits/Aboutfits, a blog with cool suggestions for your everyday outfits, just the kind you need when your ideas run out. And for the Urban Casual Girl, they chose to accessorise the outfit with one of my geometric necklaces, the Black & White one.  

Click on the picture to read full article

Thank you Adriana for thinking of me and my creations and for including me on your pretty, pretty blog!

22 October 2013

dear foxy

It's rare these days to find some time where I can just sketch and doodle just for the sake of art and improvement. I somehow feel stagnant and I got stuck in a routine, an artistic one, but one nonetheless. So I'm looking and trying new things and I hope I'll get more chances and some of that precious time, to just draw and paint for myself.

I soon found some applicable projects for these creatures, so they won't be forgotten in some sketchbook, but it was a good exercise.

07 October 2013

arz - military designs

I'm really overjoyed to get back into fashion. And with such a comeback, baby steps are necessary. Therefore I made some new illustrations, designs for men and those were really not up my alley. 

I received this opportunity to design costumes for a new sci-fi project, called Ars. It's really exciting for me because I got into this world of science, sci-fi and comics quite recently and started loving it immediately. So to have this mix of two things that I love, fashion and science, is a pretty awesome.

Ars fashion illustrations - watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

Below you have some sketches and progress works.

More details about this project coming soon! And hopefuly, new illustrations also.

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