26 February 2014

bad hair day, awaaay

At the beginning of this year I received another great customisation project. My hair-stylist friend who challenges me all the time, gave me his booking agenda for a make-over. He likes superheroes and comics, hence the fatty batman on the cover. This superhero saves the world from bad hair-days, much like his possessor. The back cover however, was my gift to him; I squeezed in loads of monsters, all rocking out different hairdos and expressions. So here's the result:

Hairy Creatures custom notebook | acrylic & paint markers on eco-leather covered agenda

| theme: monsters, hair, hairstyling utensils, batman
| colour scheme: no preference

21 February 2014

brain helmet

Yet again, I come in peace with a new customisation. A very cool project a friend gave me, she wanted her winter gear to not be so plain, so I helped with her helmet. She wanted something abstract that involved a lot of lines and details. And so, I made a connection between the helmet, head and what they supposed to protect. So in the end, it was a no-brainer.

From what my friend told me, "the pinky brain" didn't go unnoticed on the sports' tracks, so the whole project was a success. Another brilliant plan to conquer the world!

Brainy custom helmet | spray paint, acrylic & paint markers on helmet

| theme: lines, abstract, decorative
| colour scheme: green, pink

17 February 2014

girl reading

Another wood painting I made as part of a commission. As much as I love portraying cute and funny characters in this manner, I cannot wonder what it would be like to expand themes and concepts on wood paintings. So I think I might do some experiments. 

 For this one, the keywords were girl, peace, calmness, green and brown long curly hair.

Girl Reading painting - watercolour on wood plate | ~ 25x15 cm

13 February 2014

the anatomy book

 The Anatomy Book  |  front cover (above) & back cover (below)
watercolour, markers & fineline pen on hardbook cover | A4
| theme: monster, anatomical drawings, organs
| colour scheme: blue, red

When I received this project, I thought it was one of the coolest challenges I've gotten, as far as customisations go. I had to design and paint an anatomy book that was part of a gift for a future medical student. To think that a future doctor will have this book to remind him of his beginnings, and for me to have a small part to do with it, is just awesome. I'm really proud of this project and it has given me a very good inspiration kick.

The main themes were a day of the dead skull and anatomical monsters. I used reds and blues, to resemble the diagrams and illustrations from a typical anatomy book and also tried to keep that significant graphic style with my creatures. The skull was just watercolours and graphic details. 

See more photos "in the making" on my Facebook Page

10 February 2014


Meet Monk. I custom-made him for Uman to be part of a very special Giveaway. He's the very first toy I've made from felt and I have to say, it was a pretty good experiment. The shape was hand-sketched, the feet logo was hand-sticked, so it was entirely made with care.

He's a cuddly monkey that was created to give and receive love. That's why he's looking for you to be his Valentine. Find out how to make him yours HERE. May the odds be ever in you favour.

07 February 2014

sticky bones

As promised, after the illustrations, the stickers must come. In another wonderful collaboration with Uman, here's the already 7th series, the most artistic one so far. The cute cuddly monsters shed their skins to let out their inner demons. So make room for the creeps.

Find out more on how you can grab your sticker-pack, HERE.

03 February 2014

x-ray creatures

These are the illustrations I made for the new sticker-series in collaboration with Uman Shop. This time it was an "artist series", so my imagination was left running wild. Therefore I thought of making a smooth transition from my cute little critters into full-grown creatures. In my opinion, these are the best ones I've made so far. 

I've divided this post, so you don't have to scroll to boredom. So stay tuned, the stickers are up next! In the meantime, you can find out how to get your sticker-pack here.

Floral Skull illustration | fine-line markers on paper - A4

Mechanical Bird illustration | fine-line markers on paper - A5

Dissected Monster illustration | fine-line pen & marker on paper - A5

Flamingo-headed Monster illustration | fine-line pen & marker on paper - A5

Deer Monster illustration | fine-line pen & marker on paper - A5

Harlequin Monster illustration | fine-line pen & marker on paper - A5

Skeleton board illustration | fine-line pen & marker on paper - A5

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