26 March 2014

the opposite of adults

My cute little Monk, gave me inspiration. And since I couldn't have him for ever I thought I'd capture him in watercolour. Let the doodling begin...

Kiddish illustrations - watercolour, marker & mechanical pen on paper | A5

14 March 2014

feature friday - glossy magazines

This past week, it was a real joy to find my hand-made accessories in some of the most well-known local glossy magazines. So thank you, it was a great pleasure! And thanks to Breslo as well, for making it happen!

featured in Bravo Girl magazine | Red Orange Owl pin

featured on Unica online | Earth Stone necklace

For more of my colourful accessories, visit my Breslo shop.

10 March 2014

crystallised creatures

This custom project was really exciting, I had to customise a messenger/ laptop bag and the theme was very much up my alley. So I started from the idea of geometrical creatures, the ones I love the most, deers and foxes, with a very geometric background, another thing I really love, rocks and crystals. So basically it was a study on things I like most and in the end in turned out to be a very good learning experience as well. Since I've experimented with spray cans and the effect of the background transparency, peeking through facets of crystals. So here's the result:

 Crystallised Creatures custom bag
| spray paint, acrylic & paint markers on eco-leather bag

| theme: abstract creatures, crystals
| colour scheme: colourful


07 March 2014

arz - military assistant

In the fashion department, you'll find another illustration from the sci-fi project ARZ, that I've been a part of for quite some time now. I can't wait for it to be launched on-line so I can show you more details about it. Until then, here's a design for a military base assistant. The costume has a bit of a renaissance inspiration mixed with typical army, office uniforms. The colour palette revolved around red, with gold and black accents. You can see the other designs, for higher ranks, here.

Ars fashion illustration - watercolour, pencil & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

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