30 May 2014

feature friday - breslo

This week's features come from Breslo, the home of my colourful felty creations. So I've found my Bunny pendant & Colourful Rain Cloud necklace in the weekly newsletter; the last one, also in the gallery picks. Also featured there, my Lego Triangle neckklace. It was a good week for crafting.

28 May 2014

puzzle pieces

Another great challenge in the customising department... and the artwork one, as well. The idea was to take one of those cute portraits I've made in the past on wood and this time, paint it on a blank puzzle. It was my first time painting on this type of surface, but it worked out fine. And as I have noticed in my past experiments, I can put watercolours on almost anything. 

Sunflower Girl custom puzzle | watercolour & marker on cardboard | 15x21 cm

23 May 2014

unica features

It's Feature Friday and this week the features come from Unica. I have been writing articles for a while now for Breslo's blog and some glossy magazines are picking up the articles for their websites. So, I guess, it's a collab-inception. A good one, nonetheless. Here are a few articles that were published so far.

 And here are some other articles in which some of my accessories were featured in.

Click on the pictures to read the entire articles

You can keep up with the articles weekly on my facebook page.
And if you want to check out all my articles for Breslo, you can read all off them HERE.

22 May 2014

arz - shelby

You might remember me going on and on about a sci-fi project called ARZ in which I design costumes for the characters in the story. Here's a design for an assistant and two military designs for men to refresh your memory. This would be the fourth I've been working on, as you can see, progress is slow and I have a lot of characters to work on, but I'm enjoying every moment of it. 
This one is for a main character. She's a really cool, tough, badass chick. Meet Shelby...

 Ars fashion illustration | watercolour, marker & pencil on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

15 May 2014

furry creatures

I find myself drawing and sketching more and more. The challenges keep coming and I couldn't be more thankful for the practise I'm getting. Here's a mini-series of illustrations I made for Uman Shop. No particular theme here, just some random ideas, of monsters and men, all sporting some great furry coats. 

Beardyman illustration - marker on paper | A5

Layered creatures illustration - marker on paper | A5

Monster mayonnaise & fishboard illustrations - marker on paper | A4

12 May 2014

sticker workshop at studentfest

I think that the title is pretty much self-explanatory but I'll fill you in with a little brief. This weekend, alongside the Studentfest Festival - which takes place every year in my hometown for college and university students, introducing them to all art forms - I participated in a sticker-wall happening. Basically we drew and sketched any creative ideas, put them on adhesive paper and sticker-bombed a wall in a really cool place called Scârţ. It was a good, fun time and I'm thankful for meeting all you people. Here's the result of our labour:

05 May 2014


It has been baby-mania lately for me, but only from my creative stand-point. I've had to make a lot of soft monsters and toys, paint baby rooms and design baby-shower invites. I'll update you with the crafty creatures on my little blog-shop and so, for now, here's the baby artwork.

 Babyshower giftcard - watercolour & marker on textured paper | 14 x 14 cm

Sparkly Rainbows - custom wall-art | acrylic paint on indoor wall


| theme: girly, rainbow, stardust, tinkerbell, floral
| colour scheme: purple, green, rainbow colours

Baby-Shower invite illustration - coloured pencil & marker on paper | A4

| theme: baby, boy, football, smurfs
| colour scheme: violet, purple, blue, green

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