28 July 2014

arz - shelby's dresses

Even if a woman is galactic fighter and she needs to save the world, she must still have some good evening dresses; you know, for all the awards she's going to receive. I'm just kidding, but the designs are quite fitting. 

The sci-fi story ARZ, has this female leading character, Shelby, and this time I had to create some elegant dress designs for her. She's a read-head, so I've thought about contrasting greens and purples as the colour palette. And a mix of soft, flowy and hard fabrics and also some iridescent and metallic textures. Here's the first out of the three designs.

Arz fashion illustration - watercolour, pencil & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

Their website is finally done, so you can check it out, find out more about this project.

21 July 2014

i see monsters

Just some illustrations I made for Uman Shop along the way. They became banners, posters and some might have not even made the cut. Either way, it is a monster invasion!

And for the ones below, I also experimented with digital textures and digital colouring. To learn, To learn, To learn!

Monsters illustrations - marker & watercolour on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

18 July 2014

interview for unica

My partnership with Breslo is proving to be really fruitful and I'm really thankful for all the opportunities that I have had along the way. One of them, came this week, from Unica, a national glossy magazine, in collaboration with Breslo. They have been promoting must-watch Romanian designers lately and for this week they chose to write an article about me. 
You can read the entire interview Here.

14 July 2014

as far as love goes

When love is at work and it's time to cellebrate it, I get yet another cute commission in my hands. The kiddish portraits project - Creatures with features - I started for my friends, seems to grow outside it's fences and I'm more than happy it's doing so. Today's portrait is for a lovely couple I've met and had the pleasure of creating art for previously; he's a tech and gadget lover, she's a colourful lady and they are always together, traveling and exploring. So I'm glad this picture will see new sights all the time alongside them. 
Here's their love story:

Couple custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm


11 July 2014

fashion illustration book feature

I'm really excited to tell you about this week's feature, it came almost unexpectedly, since we've talked about doing this feature over a year ago. But the book finally got printed and for those interested it will be available in Spain and on-line. I'm really proud to be included in the book, alongside so many wonderful fashion illustrators and designers. Here are some snippets...

02 July 2014

the fox and the bag

Another customisation project I was thrilled about doing and with one of the creatures I love most in this world, the fox. The theme is pretty much clear and actually, I was more inspired by the techniques used. All in all I'm truly pleased with the result and I really have to start making some for myself... and maybe even a small collection.

The Fox custom bag | spray paint & acrylic markers on canvas bag

| theme: forest creature, geometry
| colour scheme: bright & colourful

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