28 August 2015

a family portrait

Hello critters,

This illustration is a wonderful addition to the Creatures with features project as if portrays a lovely family and their colourful attire. This was commissioned by a friend of the family and I love the elegant choice of clothes, especially the little girl's. And also it was really fun to play with and paint all the textiles, it really got me pumped up for some fashion illustration. 

A family portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 29,7 cm

theme | family, formal wear, ballet, rugby
color | nudes, earth tones

The family comes from Kiev so it was only fitting to suggest the city's landmarks in the background. I can only hope it will be a colourful memory on their wall for years to come. 

24 August 2015

in orbit - sketchbook illustration

Hello critters,

summer's almost ending and soon it will be time to go to school again. While my school years are far gone, I'm still one for learning and experimenting new things... artistically speaking. And I have a weak spot for all types of notebooks and sketchbooks, so aside from collecting them, I also try to put them to good use. That's why, I made a master plan to have regular blog-posts with pages from my sketchbook. A project I hope I'll follow to heart since I always complain I don't have time to sketch randomly anymore. 

But before that I want to show you my latest work, that's part of my collaboration with Uman Shop. This is the second sketchbook design we've done and this year is a mix between my quirky creatures and my deep love for space. So here's my monster who grew so big and round that it started having its own gravity. 
Hope you like it, I know I can't wait to fill these pages.

The Gas Giant - notebook cover design in collaboration with Uman 
| marker on paper - 29,7 x 21 cm

... and some coloured versions...

Find out how you can grab one of these limited edition sketchbooks, here. The other design is by Stefan Lucut, he's awesome.

17 August 2015

beers, tattoos, rainbows & rock'n'roll

Hello critters,

Now, today's portrait is very dear to me since it is of two creatures that hold an important place in my heart. This one's for Ina, my sister, and Adi, my new brother(-in law). They've been together for over a decade and I can still see that they are each other's best friend and perfect missing puzzle piece. Now I don't really believe in destiny or soul mates, but I do believe in understanding, compassion, love, knowledge and chemistry, and I have to say I see all these particularities in their relationship.

And this portrait captures them on their wedding day and I can only wish the the most memorable moments, the happiest of days and the healthiest of life. And soon enough, I just might have to paint a new one with their complete family. Thanks for inspiring everyone around you with your awesome relationship!

theme | tattoos, beers, rainbows and rock'n'roll, yellow flowers field
colour | rainbow

I also made their wedding invitations, which were most definitely not typical. You can see the illustration HERE and the finished look HERE.

Ina & Adi's portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

04 August 2015


Hello critters,

This week I thought I'd share with you another cute portrait I've made and a first in this creatures with features project. Long story  short, I had to make an illustration for a little human that didn't arrive on Earth at the time, of its mom and dad wainting for him. The picture was due to be hangged on the baby room wall. So it was a bit special, it was the first time I've painted a pregnant lady and the end result was perfect. I love the background we chose as well, it reminds me of a fairytale book illustration.

 Babybump custom portrait - watercolor on paper | 21x29,7 cm

theme | babybump, polkadot dress, red glasses, photography, owl, trees, dog, handmade accs, funny tee, chucks
colour | turquoise, blue, green

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