30 November 2015

a fitness mommy

This week is all about individuals. I have four single portraits lined up so I thought I'll do a little marathon. First up is a lady who's about to become o mom and as a birthday present a friend wanted to portray her in a different way. She's all glamed up, even when she's going to the gym. Here's my view of her.

Fitness mommy custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | treadmill, mirror, baby bump, salad, makeup
colour | blue, green

27 November 2015

our house

Do you remember the picture we drew as kids? With our families, a house in the background and the sun in the corner? This portrait reminds me of those drawings and memories, back to the base of basics. And I love the "kiddish" feel of it, it takes me back to a somehow simpler way thinking and creating a composition. But I kept it in the true form of the creatures with features project. And I added some splashy autumn (water-)colours that, I think, give the illustration a warm, cosy feel. 

Little house on the prairie - custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | house, cats, deer
colour | autumn palette, earth tones

24 November 2015

a traditional couple

Here's a couple that loves the outdoors so much that it's already embedded in their personalities. I'm glad I finally got to incorporate one of our traditional Romanian blouses in this illustration, since it became a worldwide trade mark in these past years. I get the feeling that this is only the beginning, since they are very popular amongst our modern, yet traditional, ladies. 

A traditional couple's portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | traditional blouse, cooking, car designs, dog
colour | blue, green, white, accent colours

19 November 2015

arz - male armour concept

As I mentioned in a previous post I've been designing a few armour concepts for the ARZ project. Today I'll focus on a male costume, with a very simple yet tech-filled look. I don't usually draw the incorporated tech onto the costume, because I want that clean and sleek look to stand out, rather than a bunch of gadgets everywhere. And I don't imagine them with buttons and gears, but rather all holographic and active to touch.

Arz armour concept - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

For this design I drew inspiration a bit from the Star Wars' clone troopers, with that white armour and also incorporated the fiber bodysuit that I used on the female design as well, that helps with mobility and agility. The writer of ARZ imagined the armour with a centred power source so I used that as the focus of the suit.

Here are some sketches with more male armour concepts, can you guess with one will be next?

Find out more about ARZ here and see how you can support this project here.

16 November 2015


This June we celebrated, or more likely, acknowledged, the World's Asteroid Day. It was a day to learn more about these pesky rocks that might threaten the future of our little planet. So, in a very funny competition, people had to come up with ideas to prevent such a thing from happening and, as being the space-nerd that I am, I decided to jump in.

So I made these little illustrations as a storyboard for my grand-master-plan. I'll spare you the technical details and let you visually see what my mind was thinking of. But secretly, I also also happy to try out my new watercolours, which didn't seem to disappoint. That dark violet just might be in my top-three most awesome colours.

13 November 2015

garden activities

Wrapping up this week with a small, simple portrait of a happy relationship. It expresses two people's connection through things they love doing. I think this one is truly, and literally, a framed moment. 

Now that I look back on these portraits, because I still have quite a few lined up and ready to be posted, I see how they evolved and myself also, alongside them. My latest works are even more detailed, with more three-dimensional features; it's just a large step from the ones I started out with. Can't wait to share them all.

Garden activities, custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

theme | garden, lawn mower, shirt, books, cupcakes
colour | blue, green, accent colours

11 November 2015

the drifters

Life is just a ride, it's a journey and it doesn't matter if we take the scenic, long road or the one filled with short-cuts, we have to keep going. That's what today's portrait is all about, the ride. Now I don't usually paint cars, but when I do, they're never conventional. She's a designer, he's a painter and a photographer, so we decided to make artistically-looking cars, each with their owner's style.

theme | cars, paintings, design, photography
colour | black, yellow, red

The drifters custom portrait - watercolour, pencil & marker on paper | 21x29,7 cm

09 November 2015

arz - female armour concept

I'm so happy I finally got back to my fashion projects. This summer was a very fashion-filled one and hopefully I can share all that work soon. Besides my ARZ project collaboration, I got to work on another cool project designing costumes and creating characters. But for now, let's get back to the future and the new challenge that awaits. This time I had to design a few armour concepts, for both women and men. 

The ideas were too many for the short amount of time given, so we had the hard task of choosing only a few pieces. This particular one I'm glad was chosen to be put in colour because it was a bit different than your typical futuristic armour. I imagined this suit for someone who would be trained in a hand-to-hand combat, sort of like a cat-woman ninja. So I pictured an elastic-fibered bodysuit covered from head to toe in pieces of metal, that resemble some sort of bondage armour. It would all be smart fabrics with built-in technology. 

Arz armour concept - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

And because black was the obvious choice for a ninja, I bent the rules and chose Prussian and indigo blue. The more I look at the costume the more it reminds me of some old tech and science magazines my dad used to have, and their covers were always pictures of illustrated sexy robots. I made drawings inspired from those magazines a lot when I was little, looking back, I guess it was kind of a starter point.

Find out more about ARZ here and see how you can support this project here.

05 November 2015

garden picnic

Sometimes it's all about those moments were you enjoy each other's company and spending that quality time with the family. That's what I got from this portrait's back-story. And I also treasure such values so I'm glad I got the chance to put them on paper. 

Each of these characters has its own personality and hobby but when they come together, things blend well into what is actually the definition of family. So thanks for sharing your story with me!

A garden picnic portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x  29,7 cm

theme | garden, tomatoes, dinosaurs, tools, air-soft attire
colour | green, blue, accent colours

02 November 2015

space stickers - 11th edition

Since I posted earlier this month about the newest sticker designs I've made for Uman Shop, I guess it was time to show you the real deal as well. Here are the stickers all coloured and printed in vinyl. I made a little photo shoot with awesome backgrounds courtesy of my cool space calendar from Sky Watcher and the Hubble Telescope album. If you want to read about and see the illustrations behind this project and also find out more details about how you can grab a sticker pack, check out my previous post.

But this isn't over yet, so keep an eye open at all times on my Facebook page, and Uman's page to see when part two of this series comes out and collect them all. 

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