arz - quillian male costume

I've been working on humanoid costume designs for the ARZ project quite some time now but this one definitely stands out. Not only for it's complexity and colouring but also for the fact that it's designed for a male individual. Now as I said before, this species is an avian one, meaning it's a cross between humans and bird-like creatures, and the body-shapes are quite reversed from our perception of males and females. 

Arz - male Quillian costume design - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

As a short description, the male Quillians are the colourful exuberant ones, wearers of bright fashions, mixing up the idea of male-female attire into something which suits  their own personal tastes. The author of ARZ said that she based them on a cross between cranes, storks and exotic birds, with each quillian having their own unique plumage/beak print, overall they are gangly, flat chested, with strong thigh muscles for fast running.

Therefore if the females were down-toned in attire and colour palette, the males are quite the opposite. We drew the colour scheme from exotic birds and parrots. And as far as the design goes, I looked for something a bit more regal and imposing, since they are set to have more high-class, ruling positions rather than the blue-collar, working-class females.


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