Practise always makes you better, when I started loving space more and more, I thought I could never recreate the beautiful images of galaxies and nebulae I was seeing in my astronomy books and of various corners of the Internet. But then again, I was never trying. So one day, by accident I wanted to paint an ombre carpet in one of my illustrations and as I was laying the colour it kind of looked lie one of those red gas clouds from space. So I went it it and made it look like a piece of the universe. And so it began.

After that, I was challenged with painting starry skies, auroras and then I started pushing myself to paint more nebulae in watercolours. It's not easy but I'm still learning. So this illustration was another learning experience, I made it as a poster background for the Game Girls project I had with Corphack.

Spaceball - watercolour on paper | 42x2,7 cm


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