27 January 2016

auroras in the sky

I'm super excited to finally share this post because it truly is something different. This has to be in my top of favourite creatures with features portraits and I have a feeling you can guess why. I almost felt bad giving it away.

The auroras - custom illustration - watercolour on textured paper | 50x70 cm

It might just have been another addition to the project, but this one was special to me because it included one of my favourite things: space. And I've been obsessed with the universe and everything about it for quite some time now and it was really odd I've not used it more in my artwork. So I was glad someone finally pushed me into painting star-filled watercolour skies. And yes, when you look at the finished painting, the ground and sky might seem separated but I kind of like the 2D look of the portrait versus the 3D effect of the sky, makes you look at it even more.

Oh and it was a challenge, auroras can be difficult to paint in watercolour since this technique doesn't allow that much layering. I worked on it for days, painting the sky over and over again and after a few try-outs, I think it turned out pretty nice. I think this just might be the beginning of something amazing. I, for one, can't wait.

25 January 2016

the funky monkey

The monkey custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29.7x21 cm

Back to painting some people in a cute manner. This time something simple and serene for a new family, a baby-room portrait that illustrates happy, loving and chic people... and a monkey, a super-sneaky burgundy monkey.

  • theme: family, baby room, monkey
  • colour: shades of blue, pastels

22 January 2016

the lion tamer

I've been getting a lot of commissions from people lately, that want portraits, like the ones I've been posting lately in my creatures with features series. So, when I received this project, I was glad to step out of the box a little. Well, step into my other box, the one with fashion illustration. 

The lion tamer - commission - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

I had to paint a lady lion-tamer with a classic look but still a bit sexy. The circus theme reminded me a bit of my first collection, Carnivale. It was really fun to do and I hope it will motivate me to do even more illustrations in the fashion department, something that I always wanted to pursue further. And I promised myself I'll start this project this year and really focus on it.

18 January 2016

tshirt design for uman

It's been quite a ride with this process and I'm glad I can finally share the end result. I've been Uman's ambassador for a while now, collaborating on various projects, the sticker series being probably the most popular one so I'll just start by saying how proud and honoured I am for all of this and I don't take it for granted at all.

Monster pill Tshirt design - marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

This latest project was really cool, they've started out a series of artist series tees in partnership with Shubakiller, a local brand that makes funny pop-culture inspired clothing. My design was a "monster pill", it has two sides like every story, I wanted to make something for each and everyone, not looking too girly or too masculine. 

The fact that I like the most about it, is that you can turn the illustration upside down and it still makes sense. I hope you like it as well, the tees are available online and in Uman shops around the country, I've already got mine and I hope I'll get to exhibit in in some photos that I'll share with you on my Facebook page, so stay tuned.

15 January 2016

the love letter

Here's the second portrait that flew far away away, and I have to say it makes my day a bit better thinking about it since today's so rainy and gloomy. Cecilia, the owner of last post's portrait wanted to make a very special gift for her friend's wedding and asked for my help, so this is what we came up with.

The Love Letter custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

I really think this illustration captures happiness and love, and the watercolours help with colouring this entire feel. Besides this, I really like how her skirt turned out, it really has texture and looks like fabric, so I'll give myself a little tap on the back for that. One more successful story to add to the Creatures with Features project.

theme | Portuguese guitar, flowers, mail & letters, flamingo, tattoo, mm&mm
colour | various

11 January 2016

the crafters

I mentioned today's topic in a WIP photo I've posted on my facebook page last week. As I've said, this portrait, along with another, were going to go on a long journey, across countries, all the way to a sunnier side of the Earth. So this excites me, but then again, I'm a bit jealous to know that my works travel more than I do. But I'm glad they make people happy.

The crafters custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 29,7 cm

This couple were very passionate about their work, he repairs guitars and she's into crafting and designing, so it seemed only fitting to draw them next to their working desks. When we started working on this project, she just found out she was going to be a mom, so we included that as well and I still feel honoured to be amoung the very few people to know that at the time (yes, I've much more sensitive to these things since I became an aunt).

theme | sewing machine, fabrics, guitar & tools, tracking boots, skull, parrot
colour | various

08 January 2016

watercolor birds

During my searches and explorations of mother nature, drawing all those illustrations from the plant project, I've also tried painting some creatures as well. These little birds were also intended to be tattoos and maybe be used as fillers if the full sleeve design had some space left, but since the plants filled it all up, and they had way deeper stories, the birdies were left out. But maybe not for long, maybe they will be a tattoo project somewhere in the future.

Bird illustrations - watercolour on paper | ~ 10 x 10 cm

Nature and watercolour seem to blend really well and I like seeing this technique in something other than my fashion illustrations or the cute portrait project I've got going on. And until they will be put to good use again, I've hung them up on my wall of art, which is in a very primitive phase. Soon though, I hope I'll run out of space.

04 January 2016

arz - armour concept

I'm really excited to finally post this design because it was one of my favourites from the armour series for ARZ. I think I had two designs for an exoskeleton and in the end this one got picked for a final illustration. This design was the simple, clean and less gadget-filled one, this being because I imagined all the tech incorporated in the metal plates that make up the suit. 

Arz - armour concept - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

The thing that I like the most about it, I think, would be the colour-palette. I was inspired by our solar system's wonderful red planet and I also wanted to step away from the typical metal shine and coats of armours in general. So I used red and burgundy tones, with black and marsala accents, giving it this bloody look, which to me, in a full-on space-fight would look like serious business. 

I also kept the mid-waist power source we used for the other armour concepts and the fibred bodysuit from underneath. This bodysuit I always envisioned to be like another layer of skin, with a protective property from any type of environment found in the multitude of worlds existing in a galactic-travelling mankind. And the second layer of each garment would have its own properties, whether it was a military purpose, a space-exploration one or just designed for a specific world environment.

Find out more about ARZ here and see how you can support this project here.

03 January 2016

diy christmas ornaments

First off, Happy New Year! It's a fresh start for something even greater I hope, with much more artwork, new projects and challenges that I can't wait to dive into. One thing's changed for sure, I can add "aunt" to my job description. And just like every year, I'll start by showing and telling all about the work that I've done for that past holiday season. Continuing with my DIY project, I'll show you just how fun recycling can be.

I've talked about how I reused my left-over felt from my collection and turned into some pretty home ornaments but I've also recycled some of my crafting materials as well. I've seen these clear-glass globes each holiday season in my local supply store, but I've never quite figured out or imagined what I could fill them with, so I've bought a couple thinking inspiration will hit me in the face one day.

And since this holiday season was all about recycling, I thought I could use all those little bits and pieces left-over from my felt necklaces and stuff them into the globes, in an orderly, colour-coordinated manner, of course. Then I started stuffing them with all sort of things: left-over thread from sewing all those Christmas hand-made orders I received, string from my shipping packages and some little coloured felt balls I've had laying around. I would have made so many more colour-combinations, but, like any of Murphy's laws, just when I had this stroke of genius, I ran out of globes and so did the supply store when I went back to get more. Well, there's always next year, I'll be prepared.

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