the big happy families

I just realised this, I've been on and off complaining about the fact that I don't post things on time, but when it comes to portraits, and my 'coupling' method (I did this, because the project was getting so big, that it would have taken a massive amount of time to go through them all and say something about each and every one. And also, all the stories are so personal to the people portrayed, that it's something that's just so meaningful to them. We just get to watch the pretty pictures in pretty colours.

Anyway, as I was saying, being late is sometimes great (rhymed). Because I got to find these two portraits that both share a big family, happiness, some family cars and city landmarks that are easily recognisable.

The Subways / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —


The Cats / custom portrait
— watercolour on paper —



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