one beer later - label illustrations

A long, long time ago, in a world far away from the one we know today, I drew some beer labels. Shocker! Buuut, I bet you didn't know about these ones. And I bet you thought you knew about everything I did, from Instagram (*cough* follow me *cough*). And now, a bit of a backstory...

I was asked to illustrate some famous figures, a collaboration for the OBL beer range, they do all their beer labels with important figures from throughout history. I got to portray three: Constantin Brâncuși (he's a famous Romanian sculptor, if you didn't know about him by now... shame! Shame!), Charlie Chaplin and Mozart. I think I got pretty lucky since I love all of them and their works. The perfect blend between art, cinema and music. Iconic!

Now, I didn't have my graphic tablet (or was too afraid to use it, don't judge) at that time, so I drew all these by hand, then edited them out. I think they turned out pretty good. Could I have done better if I drew them digitally? Maybe. Definitely. But we live, we learn.

I'm sad I don't have the end result of the labels to show you guys, they added their own design on top, but I'll try to find this one picture I took in the supermarket with one of them, I remember the moment. Felt a little bit proud of myself. I can do that sometimes. 



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