29 October 2009

fashion compositions

This was my first attempt with that many silhouettes on a page. It was inspired by the fashion in the 20's and 30's and from Gustav Klimt's paintings. The whole thing is very chaotic, with all the colours and shapes mixing with the over detailed background, but when it comes to me, I guess nothing is simple. I've been playing with fur textures, long, straight-cut dresses, hats and volumes.

I made this on the last day of school, when I was in the 11th grade. It was summer, the teacher was in no mood for us, we were in no mood for school, so she gave us this assignment: combine 3 periods in the fashion history, in 3 outfits on the same page. So I chose my all time favorite Ancient Egypt, then Ancient Greece and the Romanticism period. So basically I used a lot of hieroglyphs, drapery, transparent silky fabrics, straps, corsets and mixed them together. I really thought that the combination between greens, reds and blues will be very tricky, but in the end I managed to pull it of.

25 October 2009


I painted these back in high school, during my fashion design class. I can't quite remember what period in the fashion costume history inspired me in this process, but I know the deviation from the subject was huge. The main idea was to exaggerate, oversize and explore the fabrics and textures not so much respecting the patterns of the traditional outfit.

This was my first big attempt in painting fur, royal white "fake" fur. The technique for painting fur is quite simple, you need to start with a flat colour base, then work in layers with a thin thin brush, like painting grass, using gradient tones from the colour you desire. Try to stay in the shape of the piece you are trying to paint (for example, a coat, a vest, pants etc). I also painted the sheer, transparent and rigid organza, shiny beads, heavy brocade, velvet and so on, trying to make them as real as possible.

I was really happy with the way the paintings turned out, but now I find all sort of mistakes. I'll tell you one: the leg from the second mannequin is hidden under all that green fabric, rapped with one blue band and it's not visible at all, giving the impression that she has only one leg, but trust me, it's there, drawn in pencil.

watercolour on paper 30 x 50 cm

22 October 2009


I made these back in 2005, during my summer break, just to keep my hand working. I experimented with two silhouettes on the same page and with random themes. Also, as my entire high school experience, I combined painting with fashion, resulting these over detailed compositions with eclectic background that mix with the designs of the outfits.

For this first one, I limited myself to two colours: green and blue, and their so many different tones. When creating the composition, I had in mind air, water and nature, the traditional Romanian patterns and the Asian cuts for the dresses. As for the medium, I chose watercolours again, I like them because they are easy to work with and they give me the diversity I'm looking for. For shading and details I used pastel, crayons and markers.

For the one aboveI used as a source of inspiration my painting electric blue but I've played more with colours, adding some browns. The whole feel was ecologic, the planet Earth, with the browns for the earth and blues for the water. Same watercolour technique with pastel and crayon highlights.

This one was all about red. I remember having some anger when I painted it, thus the strong bloody red, the red latex boots (with a bit of military influence) and the madness in the lines of the skirts. In the end, painting calmed me down and so the round shapes appeared in the beading and rosette background.

I actually made this one as an assignment for my fashion design class, the concept revolved around the traditional German outfit. The colours, as I remember where my addition. I made two paintings, they were part of an exhibition, the other one linear was sold, but this one hangs proudly in my room.

12 October 2009

carnivale - video

After months and months of waiting, I finally have it. Here's the video from my first fashion show. The quality will improve in a few hours (or days).

The music is a remix of LZN02 - The Dolls Death and Project Pitchfork - Carnival made by Rebel Monk.



08 October 2009

ancient empires

...sketches made in 2006 or 2007. These were made for the class called "fashion history" and these were the first costumes we studied. Ancient Egypt was and still is my favorite of them all. I made these sketches with a bit more attention to details and colors, prints and fabrics. I used watercolours, coloured pencils, pastel chalks and markers on coloured paper. On the sides I made some rough sketches for the back pieces of the outfits and some accessories. I find inspiration in all their culture so it was not hard to come up with outfits, but the main inspiration came from their jewelry and hieroglyphs.

Next came Mesopotamia and Babylon. Their shapes are more rough and geometrical. I used their sculptures and ceramics for references. The colour palettes also are inspired by their own. I combined the stiffness of their art with some flowy, sheer fabrics to balance the outfits. For medium I used only watercolours and markers. These were done a bit faster, kind of in the unfinished manner, in my opinion.

At the end was the Ancient Greek culture. I loved this one because of all the folds and drapery. Simple designs became elegant with the addition of some straps, embroidery with geometrical patterns or over sized brooches. Here I played a bit with the colours of the elements.

01 October 2009

tv show

On the 8th of August I was invited at a show called "Buna Dimineata" (Good Morning) on Tvt89, a local television network. I would like to thank them for all their support!
We talked about what I do as an artist and about art and fashion in general. I'm once again sorry it's not in English, I do hope some day I will have interviews like that.

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