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loki season 2 - poster illustration

 T his project is definitely the highlight of my year and a definite milestone in my career as an artist. I got the chance to collaborate with Marvel in creating an illustration for the second season of the Loki series on Disney Plus . I couldn't even begin to say how much of a dream come true this is for me. Many of you probably don't know this, but my first post on this blog was about how I started drawing at a very young age. In a nutshell, I was in kindergarten and I started tracing Disney princesses from the comic books I had at home because I wanted to draw something other than stick figures with houses and a sun in the corner. And I've never stopped since. My love for superheroes, princesses and fantasy worlds didn't end there either, I've pretty much seen every MCU movie out there so yeah, when I say this collab was a big deal for me, I don't say it lightly.  The story behind the paper is quite interesting, I had to create a piece inspired by the Loki

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