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the hungarian traditional costumes

 J une has just arrived and with this mark of halfway through this year, we start the 2023 portrait posts. Not only are they a different-kind of portraits, but there's also a different kind of way I post them too. I'm just kidding, I'm just behind with posting, as usual. But enough about my broken record complaining, let's talk about today's painting. It was the very first portrait of the year, a gift from a daughter to her parents, who are now grandparents themselves. The couple was wearing traditional Hungarian costumes, celebrating their 30-year anniversary. The illustration was made after an older photo of them, I tried to match everything perfectly from the respective photo while trying to match them and their current looks as well. Not as easy as you'd think. We kept the background simple and in tone with the daughter's portrait that I made not too long ago (which itself was a gift from her best friend, I just love these trails). You can see the illust

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