21 May 2010

papercut collection

I announced this collection a while back and I said it was a mini collection made out of unconventional materials so don't give me a disappointing feedback (just joking).
Ok, so this was a project for my fashion course in my first semester of MA. The whole theme was based on the deconstruction of shapes. And this collection would be like a "sketch" for the second one which will be made from fabrics. Even so, these pieces were not made randomly, behind every design there is a specific technique of manipulating a certain material, in this case, paper (excepting the last piece which was made from fabric). To make it more diverse, I chose different types of paper (black textured paper, grey textured paper, natural brown paper, natural beige paper, plain white paper and white textured paper). Above each set of photos I wrote the technique for the paper manipulation.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model, mua & hair: me
Design and clothing: me

In the end it was a very successful project, it has been featured in a collective exhibition at the Mansarda Gallery from the Fine Arts and Design Faculty in Timisoara and presented in a fashion show in the Unirii Square in Timisoara. Recently I found out that my first piece (with the cut paper) will be featured in my faculty's catalogue and received a Daily Deviation on DeviantART, so I'm very thankful that it was appreciated on that level.

03 May 2010

portrait dress

This was my design for this contest I entered and the theme was to create a knit dress with a portrait. It didn't get picked in the end, but I still would like to see this made. Maybe I'll make it myslef one day, who know's when I'll find the time. I hope you like it.

01 May 2010

art to the core

Well, this is a contest for people in my country so I'll switch to Romanian (if you're still curious of what I've said, you can click on the translate button, on the right sidebar).

Aşadar, dragi români, Uman pregăteşte luna aceasta un nou Art to the Core într-o ediţie eco. Prin urmare aşteptăm multă creativitate şi ingeniozitate din materiale reciclate, reciclabile, organice şi asa mai departe. Şi implicăm pe toată lumea, aşa că avem concurs de creaţie, concurs de fotografie, happening-uri în colaborare cu Cloud Factory şi party cu Anonim Tm.

Detalii, regulament şi înscrieri găsiţi AICI.

Spor la creat!
Ne vedem pe 29 mai la terasa D'arc pe malul Begăi.

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