27 April 2011

dumbrava minunata exibition

And so, as promised, I return with pictures from the show. I hope everyone enjoyed it and had a good time, and like I said, if you weren't there, no worries, the illustrations will fill the walls of Cărtureşti until the 17th of May.

My thoughts about this whole event couldn't be anything else but positive, even though it required some hard work and some frustration moments, it was worth it in the end. I kind of messed my hand and my back for a few days from all that cutting and painting of the frames, but I forgot all about it when I saw all the drawings on the walls.

The entire concept revolved around my latest illustrations, the wonderful grove, hence the name of the exhibition, and the other two collections had some similar characteristics, like the organic and natural feel and inspiration from the traditional wear. I wanted to make it look like a forest, and to give you that feeling of mystery and playfulness when you walked in. We also had some cookies and some tea, and to complete the childish and foresty feel, we had some projections with film slides of stories from when we were kids and of course, stickers. So thank you all for coming and I hope to see you next time... I'll bring my monsters with me.

Photos by: Ina Muntean

23 April 2011

innovated magazine, swl and more features

First of all, thank you for all those who came to the exhibition opening this Thursday! If you couldn't make it, the walls are still filled with illustrations until the 17th of May. Before I gather all the pictures from the show, I'll post some of the lovely virtual gifts I got from the Easter bunny.
I had the pleasure of being interviewed and featured by some really interesting blogs and magazines this month, so it was only natural that I wanted to share the experience. Go check them out and find wonderful collections of really gifted artists. So here they are, click on the titles to read full articles.

the full interview | page 18-23

Those being said, Happy Easter to you all, may you have a very relaxing  and calming weekend! I'll see you next time with pictures.

18 April 2011

dumbrava minunata exhibition

Hello wonderful people everywhere, I come in peace. In fact if you are around the marvelous land of Timişoara somewhere between this month and the next, I invite you all the my exhibition at Cărtureşti from Unirii Square. And I'll switch to my native language now, so I can get my message through.

Aşadar, dacă eşti din/prin/pe lângă Timişoara te invit în „Dumbrava Minunată” la o delectare cu ilustraţii de modă într-o atmosferă de poveste. Vernisajul va avea loc în data de 21 Aprilie (joi), ora 19:00 la librăria/ceainăria Cărtureşti de pe strada Mercy, nr. 7 (piaţa Unirii). We have cookies and tea. Iar pentru cei ce nu pot ajunge la vernisaj, expoziţia rămâne „în picioare” până în data de 17 Mai, aşa că puteţi merge oricand să trageţi cu ochiul.

Alte detalii pe:

04 April 2011

hang me out to dry

I am so excited about the new series of stickers that just came out. This would be the 4th edition of stickers, as part of my collaboration with Uman Shop. Now, to avoid some questions, you can get them with every purchase at Uman Shops in Timişoara, Cluj and Iaşi or with on-line orders at u-man.ro. I hope you like them and stick them.

Here they are, so fresh and so clean, hanged out to dry:

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