30 June 2011

skeleton-skeletoff - illustrations

Because the madness is finally over, I can start breathing again and post more. Here is my MA project, a collection I've been working on for quite some time now. It was definitely a challenge, and I wanted to take it on my own this time, so I can say I learned a thing or two about the creative process. It is slightly different than my BA collection (Carnivale) but still on the dramatic side, since I like to explore with gravity.

The concept is rather simple, I thought about how things get formed, how they take shape and it occurred to me that everything starts with a line or a dot, a note, a word, a pattern, an ingredient, an idea... and that would be the base, the skeleton, onto which we add layers and layers just to get that final desired shape; much like the human body is constructed. So I constructed my shapes on top of, and from, a skeleton. I got inspiration from human and animal anatomy as well, with the structures, the lines, the shapes, and transformed them into a personal, plastic and decorative vision.

I think that would be enough theory for today, I'll let the illustration (for now) to do the speaking. I'll be back with photos soon.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

And some pictures from the project's portfolio:

25 June 2011

a master event

This moment has come, therefore I shall begin with the very end. In a few days my university student life will be over and as you may or may not know by now, at this very end I have to create a fashion collection for my degree. Now, the fact that it will be showcased properly or not, is a different story. 

Last time I did this was when I had my Carnivale Collection and along with my, then, colleagues organised a fashion show. It was not the best, not the worst, but it worked somehow. This time, when we should be one step further, on every aspect and every level, our faculty decided to screw us over a little bit, so that we can leave from this student experience with a truly momentous memory. And after many hours and many attempts to make it work, nothing changed, so I decided to just accept it as it is and not care as much.

Therefore, our "event" will be held this year, Wednesday, the 29th of June, at 10 a.m. (yes, that means in the morning) at the Mansarda Gallery from our faculty.

Aşadar, evenimentul de anul acesta va avea loc  
miercuri, 29 iunie, ora 10 (dimineaţa) la Galeria Masarda din cadrul Facultăţii de Arte şi Design, Timişoara.

It is still an open to the public event, so anyone can come, you are all invited. If you can't make it, you probably won't miss much.
That being said, heads will roll so let's get it on...over with. 

22 June 2011

a palace show

Before I start complaining about everything, I would like to point out a good thing that came out of these two years of postgraduate studies. And that would be the latest show I had with some of my faculty colleagues. It was held at the Brancovenian Palaces (Palatele Brâncoveneşti) at Mogoşoaia. Unfortunately I couldn't be there to enjoy the ride and the scenery, but the girls did a wonderful job presenting all our creations, amoung them being my felt top from my Elemental Project. I only have a few pictures but if I'll get more I'll keep you posted.
Enjoy(ing) the calm before the storm.

Apor Henter

15 June 2011

street delivery epilogue

I think I'm probably the last one to post pictures from the event, and so you've probably saw the cute little toy I painted on my facebook page. Anyway, I find it harder and harder to write, it became like one of the unchecked boxes with an exclamation mark on my to-do list. I just can't wait to finally finish this awful faculty and start living, I thought I would be scarred of what's to come but now I'm certain it will be better. I had a nervous break-down yesterday because of stress from school, and I don't think my health nor sanity are worth this. But I'll probably explain it better in another post.

Until then, here's my cute little girl, I'm so sad I had to give her away though. I really wish that one day she will return to me. Thank you Cărtureşti and Uman for the invitation and all the support, it was an honour.
Here's Chi 

08 June 2011

street delivery

I think that busy is an understatement for what I've been for the past couple of months. I'm trying not to complain, just trying... and I think I can say that I've literally been on lock-down in my space, seeing nothing but threads, fabrics and pins and no ending of this madness in sight.

But this weekend I'll take a break from fashion and I'll be painting at the Street Delivery event. It will all take place this weekend, on the 11th and 12 of June, on Mercy Street in Unirii Square. I'll be there, among many more artists and with the entire Uman crew, painting, skating, playing, watching movies and listening to music. So leave your car at home, and come join us to celebrate a green, artsy and creative day.

Let the monster invasion begin!

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