19 August 2011

dance to the core & features

As you may or may not know, every year Uman supports urban creativity by giving young artists the chance to show their artistic skills and win prizes for it. This year, they focused their attention on the street-dance movement, and the prize is huge. So get a camera, tape yourself doing your best moves, show your talent and get the chance to dance in the finals. Beat-boxers are expected, supporters, fans, people to cheer, and you of course. After the contest we'll be partying under the bridge. You can find out more details about the contest, ask questions and entry rules on Uman.ro and their Facebook page.

All in all, we'll see be expecting you, participating or not, under the bridge, at:
D'arc pe mal | Saturday | September 10th | 12 am

In another order of business, I've been working on my cute collection of brooches, that I'll post on My Shop, any day now (...I hope) and on my Breslo Shop. Speaking of, I haven't been a member there for too long, but I already got my first features, and that made me very happy. 
Thank you!

05 August 2011

don't wake me up when september ends

...in fact, don't wake me up at all, I like this dream of a last summer vacation and I don't want to give it up just yet because I am the summer's biggest fan. But then again, I'm still keeping myself busy, so it's not always fun and no work.

Do you remember Chi? I painted her at this year's Street Delivery event. Now she's up for sale, looking for someone to love her as much as I do. So if you want to adopt, you can find here on Eldercut's Shop alongside some other cool Sando friends.

Photos by Alin Ciortea.

Meanwhile, I opened a new online Shop on Breslo. It's a community for handmade artists from Romania, maybe soon I'll open one on Etsy too, I don't know yet. Until then you can check my Breslo Shop out, maybe you'll find something you like there, and my Blog Shop, where I'll keep you posted with my crafty updates. I know it's in Romanian but you have the Translate button on the sidebar which should help you understand a bit from what I'm saying.
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