23 November 2011

november features

I'm still having a hard time coping with the cold outside, I feel I didn't even hear the last song of the crickets and today I woke up with white trees and rooftops outside. So I guess "November rain" feels out of place this year. But anyway, I got a couple new features from ShoppingNews.ro with my fluffy monster pillows. Because we need to cuddle our soft cozy pillows in these tough winter days, right?

Thank you so very much for this and for the kind, kind words, and for even thinking about me!

You can view the articles by clicking the photos

18 November 2011

my little working space

Most of the times I don't really enjoy talking about myself just because I think that what I do says enough. But a couple of weeks ago, I was featured on Breslog with an article about my petit atelier so I had to let everyone in my tiny space. In the end I received wonderful feedback and I was really grateful for that. So this is where I work everyday, my ever-growing artistic corner. I hope to make it bigger one day, more spacious, more organic, more organised and more colourful.

And here's the Breslog article, if you want to find out more details about me, my work and my working space. I'd love to know what you think about it

07 November 2011

the robbery photoshooting

A while back I had the opportunity to showcase one of my corset-blouses from the SkeletOn-SkeletOff collection in a fashion photo shooting for Aimi. The concept was more on the cinematic, high fashion side so in the end, I think all the elements blended quite well together. Therefore I'm thankful for the privilege and thumbs up for all the people who were involved in the process. Here are a few photos from the shooting, you can see more on Aimi's facebook page. Hope you like them.

Photographer: Radu Carnaru
Mua & hair: Cristina Cioca
Concept and assisting: Octavian Mot
Social & Label buttons from DryIcons