28 February 2012

uman bucharest - shop openning

And in the more event type of news, here's where I've been wandering about lately. Uman had a launch party for their new shop in Bucharest last week so I immediately took the opportunity to go. I was starstruck with all the colours, good vibes, laughs and great people I had the chance to meet and some, see again. I hope I'll go back soon, maybe put some colourful monsters in there.

photo by Eve

I didn't get the chance to take as much photos as I would of wanted to, but my sweet, colourful friend Eve from The Hearabouts did an awesome job at capturing the mood.

You can see more pictures from the event on Uman's Facebook page. Thanks for the journey! It was legen... (wait for it)... dary.

07 February 2012

some features

This week's features come from thwo sources: Atelierul magazine and Vi.sualize.us. Two great opportunities for which I'm very thankful. Check them out. Click on the pictures to read and view the full articles.

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