18 March 2012

it's a sticky situation

This season, the monsters decided to put on their best costumes and save the world as superheroes, ninjas and geishas. This time though, Uman had a great idea, why not let you choose the ones you would like to have? So there you go, you have an executive position and a hard task, which monsters will get to be the next Uman stickers? Place your votes on their Facebook page and in the end, we'll see who gets to save the world.

14 March 2012

ladies and gentlemen

Someway, somehow I forgot about these little monsters. I painted them quite a while ago, for my sister and her boyfriend, as present for their new home. The idea was to create some cute, colourful monsters and what better way then a lady and a gentleman to portray a couple lasting for ever.
I used acrylic paints and markers and I have to say, I enjoyed painting on wood, definitely a good idea for future projects.

I hope it colours their appartment even more.

05 March 2012

spring garden

Well so far the garden is just in the cultivating stage. I feel like I'm working hard but hardly getting any work done. I wanted these to be done by the beginning of March, but then all these monsters came up and I had to deal with them first. So anyway, for the future I decided to make a good schedule so I won't be behind with work anymore. And in the meantime I can start working on all those projects and ideas I have written in my notebooks for what feels like an eternity.
So here's a little sneak peak of what's to come in the crafty department soon... I hope.

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