28 August 2012

project: projected

My sister had this idea for a shooting, where she would photograph her friends with images projected on them and in the background. The images would reflect that person's likes, passions, but most of all their character and personality. She chose the pictures for everyone and this is what she picked for me.

I have to say she nailed it with all of them, but who better to know how I am and what I like than my own sister? Anyway, I'm glad how the photos turned out, I hope there will be a round two.

23 August 2012

the olympic games for superheroes

You might not have known this but the world is finally going to be safe. Uman decided to gather all the superheroes around the world and put them through a bunch of challenges to see who's the strongest. The reward is huge! So get your costume out of the closet, put your boots on and get your superpowers ready because it's time for The Olympic Games for Superheroes

I'll let you in on a little secret, I am my own superhero, I'm the Tiny Super-Creative Monster, I make sure that the world stays colourful and fun. So this time, I used my superpowers to make the poster for the event. Hope you like it.

some details... I used coloured pencils and markers mostly and a little splash of watercolours.

And here's the final poster. You still have time to enter the competition. Sing up and find out more about the event HERE.

17 August 2012

monster feature

Last week I got this feature on ionlylikemonsters.com and it made my day entirely. I browsed through the site and found some amazing toys and illustrations, all with monsters and tiny colourful creatures. So I highly recommend it for when you need to get in touch with your creative monster-filled imagination.

Click on the picture to see full story

Thank you so much for including me!

09 August 2012

mr and ms

Not too long ago, a very good friend of mine saw the lady and gent paintings I made for my sister and asked me if I could paint a pair for her. And of course I was excited, just because monsters and paintings are two of my favourite things. So here's what turned out...

The idea was to make a portrait of how they would look like when they grow old, but in a cute monster-ish way. The details are, of course, bits of their personalities. 

I really hope they colour her wall well and make her smile every time she passes by them.

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