22 February 2013

feature friday - pinned monsters

This week's feature comes from Pinterest, where I've had the pleasure of finding an entire colony of my colourful monsters. So many thanks to all of you who pinned them!

12 February 2013

trophy of the year

Uman decided that as long as the award season is at it's peak, they just might as well give a prize to the skater that represented 2012 at it's best. And so, of course, I helped with the trophy, doing what I do best. It was more of a happening, for me, the surface and the paints gave me a bit of a hard time but all is well when it ends well. 

Here are a few shots in detail of the trophy.

And below, a picture of the award-winning skater: Congratulations to Cristi Macaria! I hope he likes his trophy and that it fitted well on his shelf.

08 February 2013

made in transylvania interview

This week was truly amazing. Not only did the TV show from Digi 24 I took part of came out, but also an interview I gave for Made in Transylvania website. In this one, I talk about my art, it's beginnings, inspiration and meanings. I couldn't be more thankful and I just hope there will be more of these in the future.

05 February 2013

digi24 tv interview - felt pin tutorial

This week's feature comes a bit early, I just couldn't wait to share this. It is an interview and a small tutorial on how to do a monster felt pin. I was really excited and nervous at the same time when Digi24 TV approached me to do this but in the end it turned out quite nice. Many thanks to Lavly Handmade and More Store for letting us use their space and thanks to the TV crew who were really nice and understanding. I hope you like this as well.

I couldn't embed the player, but click on the link below to watch.

and some stills from the video...

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