22 March 2013

banater zeitung magazine feature

This week's Feature Friday comes from a local German newspaper, Banater Zeitung, who were interested in telling my story... behind the paper. The article was written by the lovely and talented Andreea Oance, whom I'd like to thank for the opportunity and the most kind words.

Click on the photo to read full article.

14 March 2013

working class monsters

I've finally managed to get my creatures in a cluster of forms, shapes and actions. They are part of a project for Uman and I'm just hoping for many more along the way. I've always wanted to to an over-detailed sketch of monsters and I'm really happy with the result. 

Next step: colouring. That will take a some time, but meanwhile, here are some details of the sketches.

06 March 2013

last snowfall

I hope it really was the last snowy day, because honestly, I've had enough of it for this winter. That day though, my sister and I decided to take a few photos of some accessories that I've made, to showcase in my little shop, for practical reasons, of course.

And amongst all those colourful monsters, I've sneaked some new earrings that I've made recently. It was something I haven't tackled with but always wanted to. Now I guess I'm hooked (pun intended) and I'll try some new designs. But for now, I hope you'll enjoy these. You can find them all in my shop and my Breslo shop

And some new, huge and beautiful necklaces I've made. They are geometrical, fragmented rainbows, a more abstract view of them, I guess.

I've also worked a bit on my blog's design, some new buttons here and there, new banner. I think it looks clean, sleek and more put together. Let me know what you think.

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