27 May 2013

the girl with the knitted scarf

I've recently got back a little bit, to my true passion, and probably the thing I do best and that is, of course, drawing. I got back to my fashionable girls and to all those lovely details. And it's something I really wanted to do for a long time, this type of fashion illustration; where you have more clean lines and a bigger focus on poses and expression rather than the design of the clothes. I haven't stopped since I've started, so there's many more where that came from. 

You can see more updates on my Facebook Page as I go along.

So here's my first one, that's actually finished. I'm still wondering if I should colour it or not.

The Girl fashion illustration - mechanical pencil on paper | 29.7cm x 42cm

13 May 2013

if you like it, put a necklace on it

I've picked a few photographs from the latest shootings I did for my colourful accessories. There's a funny story behind these pictures, every time we decided to shoot, it happened to be the coldest day of that particular month. So I froze a bit, but what's art without a sacrifice or two?
Anyway, keep an eye on my litle shop, I've got new things coming very soon.

Photographer: Ina Muntean

08 May 2013

tutorial & feature on digi24 tv

The holidays couldn't have ended better, I just got news that an interview I did a while ago is finally on-line. Do you remember my "How to make a felty pin" tutorial? Well after that, I gave another interview on how to make accessories using the cross-stitch technique. The ones shown in the video, are actually made by my mom, but since she's camera shy, I had to take the fall. But I hope you enjoy the lesson.

(click on the link above to see the full interview)

Thanks again to the wonderful girls at Lavly, Handmade and more for donating their space and also, you can find all the accessories there.

And if you want to see more close-up looks of the "mommade marvels", you can check out my mom's album HERE.

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