22 November 2013

felt earrings tutorial for digi24 tv

Hello again crafty people, it's Feature Friday! I come with yet another video tutorial, this time I'm showing you how to make felt earrings. Digi24 TV approached me to do another interview and if you ask me, this is the best one yet. I don't stumble and talk silly, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this. I remember the day we filmed this was yellow, as we honoured the people who have survived their battle with cancer, so it was pretty special.

Thank you Lavly Handmade and More store for hosting again and big thanks to Raluca for contacting and helping me each and every time!

Here are some screen-shots.

Click on the Here to see the video.
Hope you enjoy it!

21 November 2013

sticker workshop epilogue

As I was telling you about in the previous post, I held a sticker workshop a few days ago at Cartea de Nisip - Librarium. The participants were all amazing, each had their own personalities and ideas and I loved that. We had a fun time drawing together and I can only hope that, in this sense, things will get bigger and better from now on.

Here are a few photos from the event.

...and what they've created.

And these were the stickers I drew at the workshop, in the end they were giveaways for the participants. I hope they've already stuck them up.

18 November 2013

sticker workshop

Tomorrow evening you are all invited to a playful and colourful world where we'll try to find together the most awesome character of our imagination. From the childhood stories to the surrealist ground of magical realms, from the naive to the dangerous... what shape's your character?

Mâine seară sunteţi cu toţii invitaţi într-o lume jucăuşă şi colorată, unde vom încerca să găsim împreună cel mai fantastic personaj al imaginaţiei noastre. De la basme şi poveşti ale copilăriei noastre şi până la tărămuri suprarealiste ale unor ţinuturi magice, de la naiv şi până la periculos... ce formă are personajul tău?

More details Here. See you there!
Mai multe detalii găsiţi pe pagina de Facebook a evenimentului.
Ne vedem la Cartea de Nisip!

14 November 2013

heads up

Today I come in a "top" gear fashion, with a project from a long time ago. I don't know why it took this long to write about it, but nevertheless, here it is. I was commissioned by Red Bull Romania to customise two helmets for a young skater. 

The first one, which is this one, was a bit more of an experiment, it was a new surface for me to work with, and just about familiarising myself with the medium, the theme and illustration. In the end, it turned out ok and it was definitely a good practise for the second one. So stay tuned for that one also.

Redbull custom helmet | acrylic & paint marker 

| theme: monsters, mihnea typo, kiddish bull, yellow sun
| colour scheme: blue, red, colourful
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08 November 2013

the creatures of watercolours

During my doodling and sketching moments I managed to make some coloured ones as well. I used watercolours for the splashy effects then markers and fine-line pens for the details. I didn't have any concepts in mind really, I was just drawing as I went along but I guess that's what doodling is all about. All in all, I think it was a good exercise and some thankfully, new ideas rose from this.

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