27 January 2014

hairdos and hair-dudes

This is the second part of the project I was telling you about in the previous post. It was all part of a gift, for a lovely lady from one of her friends, I was just the "messenger". But this was no ordinary gift, this one had loads of goodies and treasures. And they were all packed in this cute wooden box that I painted. The theme was all hair products, hair-styles, monsters, flamingos and colours, for short, everything she loves.

The hairdresser's custom box | acrylic & paint markers on wooden box

| theme: monsters, flamingos, hair, hairtyling utensils
| colour scheme: very colourful

... and the entire gift-set (I swear, everything fitted in)

20 January 2014

cards & stickers

Last Christmas I gave you my art... in (almost) any shape or form. And these two cards were a part of a big goody box a secret santa gave to a very special girl. I can't wait to show you the other, more creative (and more colourful), part of this project.

 flamingos illustration | watercolour & fine-line marker on textured cardboard

And also, a set of hand-drawn stickers, custom made...

 custom stickers | markers on adhesive paper 

christmas card | paint marker on natural paper

17 January 2014

carousel box

Another cool project I had this season is this little box I had to turn into a carousel. You know, like the one in the movie. But I was told I could play with my creatures and add a personal touch to it. And so I did, or at least I hope I did. 

And you might not be able to tell, but the box was quite small, like 8 cm in height, so I had to use tiny, tiny brushes on all the details. All in all, I managed to pull it off and everyone was happy. Another successful day in the lab.

Carousel custom box - acrylic paint, fine-line marker on wooden box | 13 x 13 x 8 cm

| theme: jeux d'enfants, carousel
| colour scheme: accordingly

13 January 2014

all monsters

When I dive into sketching land everything goes. And what comes out, well... that's another story. This story is about a lot of monsters that came together to cheer for a completed project. And they all posed for this illustration. I just captured the moment.


09 January 2014

girl knitting

Now that the holiday season has passed, I can finally show you all the cool stuff I made during this time. I had lots of artistic challenges, which is telling me that people are more imaginative and more and more open to art.

This was one of the first projects; after I had posted my wooden paintings with creature-like portraits, ideas came flooding in. And one of them was from an artist who makes toys and she wanted a bunny-girl knitting a toy to represent her. The Knitting Girl was born. I love the way it turned out so much that I just think I might have discovered a new style for myself in wood illustration. I definitely want to make more of these as soon as possible.

03 January 2014

custom helmet

Starting of this year with a cool project. You might remember the first part of it, if not here's a quick reminder - Heads up. The theme was basically the same, but for this one I wanted to play a little bit more with lines and little details therefore it has a more decorative feel to it. 

Now, the photos don't really advantage it because my "photographer", messed up the settings and made them too noisy. I only saw them after I gave the helmet away so I tried to fix them as much as I could. Luckly I had took some "in progress" shots so not all was lost.

Redbull custom helmet - spraypaint, acrylic & paint marker

| theme: monster, kiddish bull, yellow sun, detailed
| colour scheme: blue, red, colourful
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