25 April 2014

my deer

As I promised earlier this week (see here), here's the second part of my beloved project. This one is in technicolour. And if you thought this was the end of it, you're not even close. Well, close enough. Let's just say, I'll leave the "bombshell" for the grand finale. 

 Watercolour Deer illustration - watercolour & liner on paper | A3

Geometric Deer illustration - watercolour & liner on paper | A3

22 April 2014

oh deer

I've always said I love nature, it just doesn't love me back. It still hurts, but I'll survive. If nothing else, I can still admire it from near or far. But when it comes to inspiration, nature is always a good source. And when it comes to the animal reign, foxes and deers are my absolute favourites. For this project, deers take the lead. I made these for someone and something special, but I can't really say anything more. I want it to be a surprise, because, in my mind, it's one of the greatest things ever. Now that the mystery is thickened, here's the first part of the project.

 Deer illustration - marker & fine-liner on paper | A3

Floral Deer illustration - marker & fine-liner on paper | A3

19 April 2014

down the rabbit hole

I had to make an illustration for Uman Shop's Easter banners and campaigns and somehow I got a little carried away. So I made four. I'm keeping this post short and let you all get back to your eggs and pies...
Happy Easter little critters!

Bunny illustrations - watercolour & markers on paper | A4

17 April 2014

constructing love

I've had yet another customisation coming my way, not too long ago; this time, it was made with love and not just mine, but the gift-giver's as well. I customised a daily planner book for a young lady who was on her way to studying architecture. So the theme was mainly based on that fact. With hints of the couple and their love as well. I enjoyed working on it, knowing it would make a really thoughtful gift. 

Architectural Love custom notebook - paint markers & fine-liner on eco-leather book | A5
| theme: cute portraits, heart, architecture
| colour scheme: no preference

07 April 2014

sketchy backgrounds

I've made these for a project that unfortunatelly didn't take, but heck, it was good practice. I've been thinking that they could be a good starting point for me to work on my digital colouring, although I can't promise I'll get that done soon.

Background illustrations - markers & fine-liner on paper | A4

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