25 June 2014

the girl of summer

This illustration is, for me, a mood-filled one; it makes me think of lazy summer days, with easy clothes and hairstyles. You can see the other two from the series here and here. These illustrations are more fashionable rather than specifically about fashion design, but I have some more sci-fi designs form the Ars project I'm working on, coming soon.

Prints available on DeviantArt.
 Fashion illustration - watercolour & mechanical 0,5 mm pencil on paper | 21x14,8 cm

20 June 2014

featured with love

A few weeks ago, I painted a custom portrait for a friend from a friend, you can read the entire story here. And I got the coolest feedback with the most heart-warming words, I couldn't ask for anything more. It was a real treat, and speaking of treats, you can find some really cool recipes on her blog, so check it out.

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17 June 2014

the girl with red lips

The second illustration in the mini-series I was talking about in a previous post, is somewhat of a fashionable portrait. I wanted to play more with the expresion I give to my models and not so much with the textiles and textures. And also, this was a good watercolour exercise.

Fashion illustration - watercolour & mechanical pen on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

You can find prints on my dA portfolio and the original illustration will also be available soon.

13 June 2014

pinterest findings

For this week's Feature Friday I've done some scouting. Well, the findings kind of came "to my door", I just had to spot them. So, I've found some of my boards and some of my art in the Pinterest newsletter. It may have just been randomness or it may have been fate, either way, I'm happy.

You can find me, my art, and some of my favourite stuff from the internet on my Pinterest Page.

11 June 2014

connecting people

This project was very cool, it made a bunch of people come together and I was like a creative link in the entire story. It's a kiddish portrait of a client of mine and her boyfriend, but commissioned by a friend of theirs. The most heart-warming part was the reaction we got, because it was caught on camera and it just brought tears to my eyes. It's things like these that make me happy and proud to be doing this. So thank YOU!

Lovable People custom painting - watercolours & pencil on textured paper | 50 x 70 cm

08 June 2014

weekly feature

This week's feature comes from The Elephant Bee, an artistic tumblr blog, that promotes fashion and art. And for one of their posts, they shared some of my deer illustrations (colour, b&w). Many thanks and thumbs up for your collection!

05 June 2014

the girl in the lace dress

The first illustration of a mini-series of fashionable ladies. This has been an idea of mine for so long, I'm glad I finally had time and opportunity to put it on paper. You probably already know I love creating fashion illustrations, not always necessarily meant to be put in fabric, so in the future, I hope I can create many, many more. And hopefully, this series will soon be available for purchase, details on that shortly, so keep an eye on my Facebook Page.

... and the final piece
Fashion illustration - watercolour & mechanical pen on paper | 21cm x 14.8cm

02 June 2014


Since yesterday was Children's Day, I though I'd share with you some cute portraits I made for some of my closest friends. Some were birthday presents, some were random surprises and the response I got was so good, I'm thinking of making more. I don't want to leave anyone out. 

So here's my colourful sis...

My always smiling friend Roxi

Last but not least, me and my childhood sweetheart, T.

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