29 September 2014

floral helmet

First comes watercolour, then comes customisation. Based on an illustration I made previously, Floral, I painted a bike helmet for the ladies. Like the illustration, I wanted the helmet to be feminine, colourful and bike-chic, all the while keeping some of my personal touch. 

The helmet will go to Unica magazine for a charity event and was also featured in their September issue. More on that note, later this week.

Floral custom helmet - acryilic & paint marker on helmet

23 September 2014

arz - the ashvrin III

The last of the humanoids... Last illustration of course, and my final costume design idea. It was a great journey working with androgynous figures and humanoid species, imagining what kind of clothes they would wear and thinking far far into the future. And working only with the black watercolour made it even more interesting. Here's my first and second take on this project, where you can also find the story behind the paper.

 ARZ - The Ashvrin - watercolour, liner & mechanical pen on paper | 29,7x21 cm

Can't wait for the next challenge for this awesome sci-fi project. Keep an eye on it here.

Also find out more about this project on

19 September 2014

geometric vegetation

I made this illustration as a sketch for an upcoming project which I don't really want to give away just yet. But it will be something very feminine. And that was in fact the inspiration for it. Something delicate, girly yet with a personal twist. I'm also glad to be practising my watercolour experiments and hope to have the chance to do this a lot more often.

Floral illustration - watercolour on paper | 29.7 x 21 cm

17 September 2014

arz - the ashvrin II

In my searches for sci-fi fashion, I've made some experiments with humanoids. On my first take, I've used a given body-figure but for this one I've kind of created my own concept.

This species, the Ashvrin, is an inbreed between humans and an alien species. It also is a genetic bottleneck and has no gender. Therefore I thought of creating an agender, androgynous figure, a tall and slim silhouette and very structural clothes. Given this, I thought of choosing a neutral colour palette, shades of grey and different textures of black fabrics.

 ARZ - The Ashvrin - watercolour, liner & mechanical pen on paper | 29,7x21 cm

More about this project on

14 September 2014

wedding invitation

I started to tell you in the previous post about the fact that I made the illustration for my sister's wedding invitations. It was no ordinary wedding but a very rock'n'roll one. And this was one of the main "ingredients" for the illustration, alongside colours, rainbows, tattoos, music and beer; things that represent the groom and bride. This is the final version, the coloured one.

And the printed version...

...and the logo

08 September 2014

wedding invite illustration

I don't usually do weddings, but when I do, they are awesome. My sister got married this summer and for their party they've decide to make the invitations a little bit different. Luckily she has an artist in the family, so I helped out with the artwork. Here's an illustration I made for the invite, I'll show you the final version in the next post.

 Hand illustration - marker on paper | 29.7 x 21 cm

And here's a small logo, also part of the wedding invitation.

04 September 2014


This little project was really cute and fun. I've made this illustration as a background piece for the blog of two of my favourite fashionable ladies, The Hearabouts. If you haven't heard about them yet, you should check them out, maybe let us know what you think about the look of the layout. I still think it needs some tweeks, so I'm looking for some ideas (girls, I'm working on it).

So the idea was to make something simple and delicate, very light and feminine. And watercoloured flowers seemed to be a very good fit.

 Floral illustration - watercolour on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

I've also played with some typography for their blog title.


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