29 October 2014

it's a girl

I like making stuff for babies or little kids; it keeps my childhood imagination still running. And as I've said over and over, it still amazes me how I'm making something for a certain someone when it doesn't even exist yet. For this new project, I had to customise the covers of a very bright pink notebook. For the front cover I had to keep a certain theme, of a little girl playing with her toys, but for the back cover I was given the freedom to play with my monsters.

Baby Girl custom notebook - acrylic & paint marker on hardcover notebook | 21cm x 14.8cm

| theme: girl, toys, spongebob, baby monsters
| colour scheme: pink, all

24 October 2014

let's go for a ride

I started the "creatures with features" project as a fun gift for some of my friends but somehow, it grew from there into a fun project more and more people are enjoying. this time though, I made an illustration for another friend of mine; who's a mom and I wanted something cute to give her for her birthday that her little daughter can enjoy as well. That tiny creature on the back of the bike, is one of my biggest fans and she knew how to say my name since she was a even tinier. And we also draw a lot together, I think that helps. 

Amma & Thea's custom portrait - watercolour & liner on paper | 29.7 x 21 cm

20 October 2014

monster plant

This one is yet another collab I did with T h e S e c r e t G a r d e n as a cover photo for their page. I tapped into their name and description and thought of a creature made of, or hiding behind, some leaves; well, not some, a lot of them. But I loved played with watercolours again and tiny, tiny details; with leaves tranforming into feathers, just a lot of natural elements.

 Secret Garden illustration | collab - watercolour, marker & liner on paper | 29.7cm x 21cm

16 October 2014

cute creatures collab III

And finally, the last illustration from my collaboration with Creaturi Draguţe. This one is all about hair, well, a very full beard particularly. I've kept that theme of my creatures engulfing the other artist's cute tiny monster. But this one is friendly and cute. And I also made a bunny hoodie to the cute creature, to make it even more cuter. I'm glad this project flourished and I can't wait for a live painting collab to happen.

Hairy stories | Dushky & Creaturi Draguţe collab
marker & liner on paper | 29.7cm x 42cm

14 October 2014

cute creatures collab II

Time for the second part of the three-piece collaboration with a very talented creator of Creaturi Draguţe. This one is all about monsters. So I've joined her creature with mine. And to keep the monsterception concept, I thought of making a monster out of, what else... monsters. They seem the connect well.

Monsterception | Dushky & Creaturi Draguţe collab
watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 42cm

13 October 2014

cute creatures collab I

The first part of a three-piece collaboration with a very talented artist from my country, the creator of Creaturi Draguţe. We have similar taste in tiny, cute, furry monsters, therefore this collab couldn't be more appropriate. So I'm glad it happened. My first idea, given my latest fascination with flora, was a carnivore plant monster, ready to eat the cute creature. Even with all the tragedy of the concept, I still find it adorable.

 Herbivore creature | Dushky & Creaturi Draguţe collab
watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7cm x 42cm

Creaturi Draguţe has an open call for collabs, you can check out the details on her facebook page.

06 October 2014

watercolour under the skin

Sometimes I get caught up in the thrill of sharing new projects and setting up the ones to follow, that some just slip out. And from time to time, I go through my art folders and discover some things that were left out. Here's one of them... You may remember my deers and my other deers, illustrations I made a while ago; well they were made with a purpose. They were tattoo designs for my sister and one of them made it under her skin. The result is perfect, only because it was made by the hands of another great artist, you must check out his artwork.

Art holder: Ina
Tattoo artist: Attila
Tattoo design: me

And also, quite a while ago, I painted Chippy the bird, with the same purpose. But actually, in this case, the tattoo came first and the illustration after.

Art holder: Ina
Tattoo artist: Attila
Tattoo design: me

And speaking of artwork, watercolours and tattoos... stay tuned, something really cool is on the way.

03 October 2014

unica magazine feature

My helmet goes to print. As I mentioned in the previous post, I customised a bike helmet for Unica magazine and it got featured in their September issue, in their Artist of the month section. I'm really thankful for the opportunity and really glad that not only my helmet got featured, my pretty little bike got its minutes of fame. Here are some clippings and some bits from the photo-shooting:

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