26 February 2015


An illustration from a series of portraits I've made for a friend and that travelled over seas, all the way to the USA. This portrait was for her sis and her hubby, a fun couple that have a lot of passions. I'm really happy with how it turned out, especially with the colour palette.

A colourful couple portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

| theme: sun, summer, cocktails, footbal, wilson
| colour scheme: colourful

23 February 2015

the couple

These portraits were for one of my favourite couples and some of my good friends. I understood these were a gift for him from her for his birthday, but also a celebration of their relationship and I think it's a really cool gesture and idea. Shes' colourful, he's passionate. Here's their personalities captured.

The couple (him & her) custom portraits - watercolour on wooden plate | ~13x25 cm

17 February 2015

family time

I've also had the chance to make quite a few family portrait for my creatures with features series. I'll start off with a cute family of four, that is into sports and activities.

A family portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 29.7 x 21 cm

| theme: family, kids, little baby, mickey, shopping, tennis, football, green bike
| colour scheme: main - blue, green, red & accents - colourful

09 February 2015

the stickers - second act

In the same anatomical manner, here's another series of stickers, the 9th edition, part of my collaboration with Uman Shop (see the 8th series of stickers). Your laptops, notebooks, dresser doors and whatever else, will be improved with two new skulls, a weird banana and a bony bird. Spoiler alert: more to come!

If you want to know how you can get your hands on some stickers, check Uman's Facebook page for details.

06 February 2015

the besties

Continuing the series of  "the different kind of" portraits I've made this past holiday season. I'm assuming they were all gifts so I'm really proud of being a part of their experience and also hope they were well received.

This portrait was about capturing true friendship. Two girls, mixed personalities and clashing looks but somehow all coming together very well.

  The bff's custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

| theme: red hair vs aubergine hair, tartan shirt & boots vs super girlie glitz, tall vs short
| colour scheme: colour contrast (complementary)

02 February 2015

it's been a ride

After all those monsters it's time for some creatures with features. Continuing my project for "a different kind of" portraits and also starting of a long series that I made this past holiday season. Not just for friends but also for customers. This one, I think guys will find pretty awesome, because it has some hot wheels. A portrait of a really cool couple and also a reminder of their relationship.

 Raluca & Alex's custom portrait - watercolour & marker on paper | 21x14,8 cm

| leitmotifs: red car, black cap, equestrian safety helmet, horses, shoes
| colour scheme: black, grey, red (main)

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