26 October 2015

lace bull skull tattoo

A good friend of mine asked me a (long, long) while ago if I could help her with her new tattoo design. And after quite some time of reminders, I finally managed to make the illustrations. And even after more time, finally got to write about here. It's not out of laziness but more about the amount of projects I take on at a time. Over-achieving is one of my many good-bad features.

Lace Bull Skull tattoo design - marker & liner on paper 21x29,7 cm

She wanted something that could represent her entirely, something to show her feminine side but also her tough and strong personality. So she asked if I could design a bull skull made out of lace, because the skull-lace combination would be the perfect picture of what she truly envisioned. You can check out the entire story of her tattoo on her blog.

In the end, she went with the second design, the one with bone horns, since it bared more of that contrast between hard and soft textures. Here are a few pictures she posted on her blog with the tattoo.

22 October 2015

the scouts

When I get to make portraits for people I know it's easier and somehow difficult at the same time. You know the people so well yet the challenge to capture their personalities to a T is quite hard. I hope I managed to do this couple's portrait justice; she told me to paint them as I see them but luckily she gave me a bit of a back story about their relationship. And the way I see them is very happy and smiling all the time and very in love, and so I tried to capture just that. 

The scouts portrait - watercolour, pencil & marker on paper | 29,7 x 21 cm

I hope this painting will keep their new home from far, far away, all the way to New Zealand, very warm, cosy and colourful.

theme | scouts, nature, woods, happy, music, architecture, hugs
colour | earth tones, various

20 October 2015

plant project - tattoos

All good things come to an end, but I believe that when things end they make room for other things to begin. And the satisfaction I get when I see my finished pieces makes all those hours of working hard and late worth it. And so, here's the final part of the Plant Project, the tattoos and the reason why this all came to be. 

This project was commissioned by my sister in her plans to cover her entire arm with artwork. She had some tattoos done previously, including the watercolour deer and to complete her full-sleeve she thought of making something with a deeper meaning. So each flower, each plant was carefully chosen for people that made a mark in her life. And so this project was quite important for me as well. Also many thanks go out to the talented Attila from Bizzzart Tattoo for transforming my watercolour illustrations into beautiful tattoos. And thank you sis, for the honour!

Artwork: Dushky
Tattoo artist: Attila / Bizzzart Tattoo
Bearer: Ina

16 October 2015

best buds

Painting on wooden plates is always fun and also a good learning experience. With every new painting I discover more and more tricks. And if at the beginning I was a little sceptic, turns out, you can paint with watercolours on a wooden surface, you just need to use a good base.

This portrait illustrates two friends that seem to be inseparable and the thing I liked the most about them is that they look so jolly and colourful. 

Best Buds portrait - watercolour on wooden plate | ~ 25 x 15 cm

theme | photography, dog, bandanna
colour | colourful

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13 October 2015

plant project - plants


This is the last part of the illustrated Plant Project, finally. It has been a journey, where I discovered many things about myself, my family and about people I love, but also rediscovered the memories I gathered with all those people so far. I'm also glad that I can say I've experimented with a different style than my own, a more realistic depiction of a theme I wouldn't have probably chosen myself if I hadn't been given the challenge. Here's the less-bloomy part of the project but just as colour-filled as the last one.

Grape leaf
Tea leaf




Nest stop, these watercolour illustrations under the skin.

09 October 2015

sticker illustrations - 11th edition

After a decade of good collaborations with Uman, the series lives on. Continuing this good partnership with another sticker edition, the 11th one and this one has to be my favourite so far. Not only because I feel that this particular style of illustrations is getting more and more defined with each new edition, but the theme we chose this season struck a chord with me. This time it's all about astronauts and celebrating space exploration with a funny twist. Here's the first part of the series, I personally think that in colour they look more awesome so go check them out, grab some, stick'em up and send pics.
Astrombryo - marker & liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

Geometric astronaut helmets - liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

The explorer - marker & liner on paper | 21 x 14,8 cm

07 October 2015

plant project - flowers


This project was very special for me because it involved so many people dear to my heart. It was commissioned by my sister for her permanent artwork-filled arm. If you remember, I also made a watercolour deer that see tattooed on her skin, honouring my by tattooing my signature as well.  


This Plant Project is so important because every flower, every plant we chose has a speciffic meaning, each one represents a person that has made a mark in my sister's life. Since we're related, those people means a great deal for me too. Since the amount of illustrations is so big, I've separeted them into big chuncks.

Lily of the Valley
Pear flower

Some of these flowers come from stories, like the rose below, or are an imaginary stretch, like the ones that look like a star-filled sky, but that's just because some people just live in a very creative world were what exists just isn't enough.

The "Little Prince" Rose




Cosmic hydrangea

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