26 August 2016

a wild adventure

Back with another colourful portrait after yet another chaotic week. You know those moments when life kicks you in the nuts just for fun, then the universe thinks it might be a great idea to join the fun? Yeah, I've had that kind of a week. Trying to stay positive in these times is no easy task but drawing and painting makes it a bit easier. And seeing how these illustrations make people happy fills me with hope as well.

The African adventure - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

For this one, I got the chance to travel to a country I've never seen before, even if just on paper. It was so much fun adding all those little pieces that defined the savannah and traditional african culture and colouring it was even better.

  • theme | Africa, animals, traditional mask
  • color | warm tones, various

22 August 2016

aurora skies postcard

I received this little project to create a space-themed postcard and of course, I didn't think about it twice. I've put a little bit of everything, some gradient skies, some auroras and loads of stars, again feeling grateful that I can practice my skills in galactic watercolour paintings.

I can't wait to get back to my Cosmic Girls project and dress some lovely ladies in stars, nebulae and galaxies. I've been putting it on hold lately, because of some personal matters that have unfortunately taken over my entire time, energy and enthusiasm to work. But since I'm better now and back on my feet, I'm more determined than ever to work on myself, my personal projects and my art commissions. 

Aurora skies - watercolour on paper | 16x12 cm

15 August 2016

atomic bear

Since another project between me and Uman Shop is cooking as we speak, I thought I'd share with you an illustration I've made for them but wasn't picked up for the final cut. It was a notebook design, that was a step further than the cute little monsters I usually do for them, but I like it nonetheless. And I can add it to my "From the sketchbook" collection.

Atomic bear - notebook cover design - marker on paper | 29,7x21 cm

11 August 2016

a new family portrait

I'm way behind with posting my very latest works in the Creatures with Features department, but I'll be posting more of them on my Facebook page soon, I've made a little album there where I collect them all. This one was a bit overdue, she's the last remaining un-portrayed from my girl-squad, but her wedding was the perfect opportunity to make this and I'm a gift-giver, so I hope she liked it. And she's currently expecting so I kind of made a prediction on the looks of the little fellow.

The new family - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x21 cm

  • theme | family, baby-boy, happiness, nature
  • colour | various

08 August 2016


Practise always makes you better, when I started loving space more and more, I thought I could never recreate the beautiful images of galaxies and nebulae I was seeing in my astronomy books and of various corners of the Internet. But then again, I was never trying. So one day, by accident I wanted to paint an ombre carpet in one of my illustrations and as I was laying the colour it kind of looked lie one of those red gas clouds from space. So I went it it and made it look like a piece of the universe. And so it began.

After that, I was challenged with painting starry skies, auroras and then I started pushing myself to paint more nebulae in watercolours. It's not easy but I'm still learning. So this illustration was another learning experience, I made it as a poster background for the Game Girls project I had with Corphack.

Spaceball - watercolour on paper | 42x2,7 cm

02 August 2016

geometric watercolour wolf

New projects are always a tone of fun to do, and the tattoo designs requests I've been getting lately are no different. Today's illustration is part of a larger project for two arm tattoos and its theme was right up my alley, with watercolour, geometry, creatures and space, what's not to love? the projects was about antitheses, night and day, hot and cold motifs so the wolf represents the dark, so we chose the moon for it and colder colour tones.

The Moon and the Wolf - tattoo design - B pencil (sketch) / watercolour on textured paper | 35x50 cm

  • theme: wolf, moon, nebula, stars, geometry, night
  • colour: blue, green

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