22 February 2017

sketchbook cover design

I've been working on some cool designs lately, learning more and more about advertorial illustraton and practicing my digital skills alongside mytraditional ones. I can not lie, it's been as stressful and demanding as it has been fun, but definitely a learning experience. A while ago I've shared some small illustrations I've made for Uman that were ment to be part of a design pattern to cover their new sketchbooks. So it would only be fair to show you the final project as well.

Sketchbook cover design for Uman Shop

08 February 2017

from the mountains to the sea

Many times when I get to paint a family portrait, people ask for an outdoors scene. It seems people feel more connected to nature than their home cities. And I can't blame them, nature is what this Earth is made of, and this planet itself is our home. So in one way or another, we all live in the same place and we should all be a happy, united nation, from the mountains to the sea, from one person to the other. So, I've gathered a couple of portraits I've made lately, that inspire just that, a family unit and the closeness to mother nature.

The beach side - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 21x28 cm

  • theme: family, beach
  • colour: various

The first illustration is a replica of a family photo, transformed into my typical bobble-headed creatures, while the second one is a mix of many, to get the personal touch of each character. And while painting the kids, I feel in love with their styles, I mean... look at them. Aren't them the cutest?

The mountain view - custom portrait - watercolour on paper | 29,7x42 cm

  • theme: family, mountains, mountain bikes
  • colours: many

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