carnivale - fashion show

The End...

...of what I've worked for an entire year. And it lasted only six minutes. But the feeling is indescribable. I'm really happy with what came out of it, the girls were amazing, the music was loud enough, the crowd was surprised, it was indeed The Circus.
Now, I can't even believe it's over, and with it, my three years of college. I still wake up early in the morning thinking I have work to do, I still get excited when I see pictures of circuses and carnivals, I still look at girls on the street thinking they would be perfect for a fashion show, I still jump and scream when I hear music that fits the theme... but, in the end, I have to let go and move on, to the next collection. Because one way or another, this is the beginning of everything.

Photos can't really speak, but videos can. I got one coming up soon. Enjoy these 'till then.
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