I painted these back in high school, during my fashion design class. I can't quite remember what period in the fashion costume history inspired me in this process, but I know the deviation from the subject was huge. The main idea was to exaggerate, oversize and explore the fabrics and textures not so much respecting the patterns of the traditional outfit.

This was my first big attempt in painting fur, royal white "fake" fur. The technique for painting fur is quite simple, you need to start with a flat colour base, then work in layers with a thin thin brush, like painting grass, using gradient tones from the colour you desire. Try to stay in the shape of the piece you are trying to paint (for example, a coat, a vest, pants etc). I also painted the sheer, transparent and rigid organza, shiny beads, heavy brocade, velvet and so on, trying to make them as real as possible.

I was really happy with the way the paintings turned out, but now I find all sort of mistakes. I'll tell you one: the leg from the second mannequin is hidden under all that green fabric, rapped with one blue band and it's not visible at all, giving the impression that she has only one leg, but trust me, it's there, drawn in pencil.

watercolour on paper 30 x 50 cm


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