papercut collection

I announced this collection a while back and I said it was a mini collection made out of unconventional materials so don't give me a disappointing feedback (just joking).
Ok, so this was a project for my fashion course in my first semester of MA. The whole theme was based on the deconstruction of shapes. And this collection would be like a "sketch" for the second one which will be made from fabrics. Even so, these pieces were not made randomly, behind every design there is a specific technique of manipulating a certain material, in this case, paper (excepting the last piece which was made from fabric). To make it more diverse, I chose different types of paper (black textured paper, grey textured paper, natural brown paper, natural beige paper, plain white paper and white textured paper). Above each set of photos I wrote the technique for the paper manipulation.

Photographer: Ina Muntean
Model, mua & hair: me
Design and clothing: me

In the end it was a very successful project, it has been featured in a collective exhibition at the Mansarda Gallery from the Fine Arts and Design Faculty in Timisoara and presented in a fashion show in the Unirii Square in Timisoara. Recently I found out that my first piece (with the cut paper) will be featured in my faculty's catalogue and received a Daily Deviation on DeviantART, so I'm very thankful that it was appreciated on that level.

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