23 June 2010

the monster dacia

At the Street Delivery event that took place on Mercy Street in Timişoara from the 11th of June to the 13th, I was invited by U-man to paint on a car along other three great artists. We called the entire project, The Dacia pimpin' and it survives still, you can see it at the D'arc terrace on Bega's riverside. In the photos below you can see my contribution to the pimping process, but the other sides were covered by mister Jones, Chihiro Streetcat and Chill and you can find the photos of the entire car here. I had loads of fun with them and the feeling as a whole was amazing, the street was breathing art from every pore. I hope we'll get to do more things like this next year too.

Photos belong to Ina Muntean and Zorislav Stojanovic.
Don't forget to click on the photos to enlarge.

21 June 2010

art to the core - epilogue

It took me a while to post photos and narrate the epilogue of the event and I know I blame it mostly on the lack of time, so never mind, here they are.

In my opinion, this edition was the most successful out of all the Art to the core editions so far, there was good sunny weather, artistic vibes, people, stickers, painting, crafting, a lot media coverage, loads of photos, laughs and a great after party. So, here are some photos of... well, me... and what I was doing during the event.

Photos belong to:
Ina Muntean
Cătă & Darius
Cătălin Chitucea

You can find lots and lots of pictures from the event on:
U'man's photo contest
Live Panoramas
Cătălin Chitucea
Chihiro Streetcat
Gal Darius
... and more links here.

16 June 2010

costin m interview

This week, I was asked to give an interview for Costin's blog and he wanted to tap into my world a bit and see what is "wrong" with me. I'm just kidding, but the feature was really great and I would like to thank him for thinking of my and my art for this.

You can read the entire interview HERE, and it's in English, therefore more understandable for everyone.

10 June 2010

street delivery

On Saturday you'll find me on Mercy Street, painting on an old car along Jones, Chihiro and Chill at the Street Delivery event. Lots of music, theatre, dancing, skating, with U-man Shop, happenings with Cloud Factory, paintings and everything else, so come join us and have an artistic cultural weekend. See you there!

Details and program HERE.

08 June 2010

uman stickers

This would be my third series of stickers in collaboration with Uman Shop. This time I came up with something for the girly girls as well. I like how they turned out, I think they're getting better and better and ideas just come pourring in. Can't wait to see the next ones. But for now...

 Dig in!

04 June 2010

atelierul magazine feature

On the last day of May I received a lot of smiles and moments of joy, I guess the sun was shining on my street. The first good news came from Atelierul Magazine which featured on of my handmade brooches, you can find it in my shop. This feature put a smile on my face just because those pages are filled with talented artists and I'm very glad to be among them.

Then I got a third Daily Deviation on Deviantart, for a piece from my Papercut collection. I say one should be grateful if they got just one such feature, and I have three so far so I'm very thankful. And last, but not least, many thanks to Funks by Raloo for giving me the wonderful badge, you can see it here.

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