art to the core - epilogue

It took me a while to post photos and narrate the epilogue of the event and I know I blame it mostly on the lack of time, so never mind, here they are.

In my opinion, this edition was the most successful out of all the Art to the core editions so far, there was good sunny weather, artistic vibes, people, stickers, painting, crafting, a lot media coverage, loads of photos, laughs and a great after party. So, here are some photos of... well, me... and what I was doing during the event.

Photos belong to:
Ina Muntean
Cătă & Darius
Cătălin Chitucea

You can find lots and lots of pictures from the event on:
U'man's photo contest
Live Panoramas
Cătălin Chitucea
Chihiro Streetcat
Gal Darius
... and more links here.


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