made by hand

I thought I could show you some of the latest craft things I made. I hope you can see more of these in my shop soon; I want to expand the diversity of items there and as soon as I am done with this so called MA I will dedicate more of my time to my little shop. Anyway, these past Holidays I was very busy trying to make the people around me happy, and besides the brooches I made for my girlfriends, I made a custom toy and some painted boxes.

This little happy monster is a felt toy I made for a good good friend of mine. He's the t-shirt monster sticker I made a while back for Uman. It has three different changeable t-shirts, with hangers too. It took me forever to sew on my friend's band logo (SART) but it came out looking pretty nice.

Below are some jewelry boxes I painted for my sister; she always has new projects for me, just so I don't get bored. Of course, because we both like details that make the difference, the inside of the boxes si an explosion of colours.

And in the end, a new and very delicate set of pillows, a fabric version of my Poppy Flowers paintings. I hope my customer was satisfied, I enjoyed spending hours on tiny spots and shades, I'm thinking this won't e the first and last set I'll ever make.

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